Hello Blog world!


Hi everyone!  Thanks for checking out my blog. This is my first ever entry and I hope there will be plenty more along the way.  My mummy is helping me with my blog and we are both very new at it, so I hope we pick up all this stuff pretty quickly.

I already have some news to report, on Friday morning mummy found me in my cot laying on my tummy. Yes! I mastered a new trick, rolling from my back to my tummy. I have been able to roll from my tummy to my back for sometime now but found the reverse a little harder to master. It’s taken a few weeks but now there is no stopping me.  We set up a mat on Omi’s floor in the lounge room on Saturday night and I can get my self from one end of the mat to the other, by rolling from my back to tummy, then tummy to back.  It’s all very exciting but it does mean I don’t stay in one place for very long any more.

I think mummy managed to get my second roll on camera. Hopefully we can figure out how to post it.

Harlow x


About Harlow London Stanley

With a lot of help from my mummy, I am writing this blog to help my friends and family stay in touch with me when we move to London in a few weeks. I am going to miss everyone and I am not very good at writing emails and I can't talk yet, so skype can be difficult. So we thought this would be the most fun way for everyone to see what I am up to. At the moment I am almost 6 months old so there are few big milestones ahead of me, teeth, crawling, walking and talking are just a few that I hope to master this year. All of my family will be home in Australia and will miss these amazing moments, so I promise to post them with pictures, videos and little diary entries as soon as they happen.

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  1. Ciaow Mia Bella,
    What a wonderful you are having jet setting around the world and what a clever little girl you are too.

    xxox Ray & Sally

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