Whirlwind week


My goodness what a week!! I have been so busy mummy and I have barely had a chance to update everyone on what we are doing.

On Wednesday I had a trip into the city with Omi and mummy, we had to go in and pick up G-Nan and G-Dad, they had been on a cruise ship for 10 days. It was a lovely day so we drove in a little bit earlier and had some time to walk around the city and see some of Sydneys beautiful landmarks.  The Harbour Bridge is so big!  Mummy used to work right near Circular Quay so we popped into her old work, to say hello to her friends. Mummy was proudly showing me off and I loved every minute of it. I was on on my best behaviour and gave everyone lots of cheeky smiles.

G-nan and G-dad had been on a cruise for 10 days and I hadn’t seen them since the last time we were on the Gold Coast.  They always give me the biggest hugs and kisses. I was very spoilt that night with Oma, G-nan and G-dad all showering me with affection.

It's a G-Sandwich

Mummy had a pamper day on Thursday so Omi, G-nan and G-dad looked after me.  I was a good girl for most of the day except when they tried to feed me my vegetables.  I only like it when mummy feeds me, sometimes daddy gets some spoonfuls in my mouth but not as often as mummy.  Omi tried to teach me how to crawl and with a little bit of help I can get to my toys on the other side of the room.  I am so clever, mummy will be chasing after me in no time.  It was Oma’s last night visiting me so we went out for dinner to the German restaurant.  I can’t wait for the day I can eat schnitzels and dumplings like everyone else.  They looked delicious!

I love my Nanny Mindy

On Friday Nanny Mindy flew down from Bribie Island to see me. We picked her up from the station and bought her back here to Omi’s house.  Daddy only worked half a day so we could all hang out together.  We had a nice lunch together and then we drove her to St Mary’s to see Aunty Dianne.  Nanny Mindy was very proud of my new tooth and she bought me cute cuddly Koala bear.

My new Koala Bear.... Thanks Nanny Mindy









Mummy and daddy are so busy packing up our flat.  They got lots of things done on Saturday but there is still so much more to do.  We had a little bit of a farewell dinner on Saturday night at West Leagues club.  It was nothing too big and crazy but it was a nice way to see some our close family friends before we take off.

Only 4 more sleeps till we go.

H x

P.S I have another tooth!




About Harlow London Stanley

With a lot of help from my mummy, I am writing this blog to help my friends and family stay in touch with me when we move to London in a few weeks. I am going to miss everyone and I am not very good at writing emails and I can't talk yet, so skype can be difficult. So we thought this would be the most fun way for everyone to see what I am up to. At the moment I am almost 6 months old so there are few big milestones ahead of me, teeth, crawling, walking and talking are just a few that I hope to master this year. All of my family will be home in Australia and will miss these amazing moments, so I promise to post them with pictures, videos and little diary entries as soon as they happen.

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  1. Hi Harlow.
    What a big Trip for a little Girl you are being so good I am proud of you..
    You know i think you got the best Mum and Dad in the World give you a big hug and lots of love Oma

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