Under the Tuscan Sun


I waved goodbye to Venice today, and although it is very complicated for small baby like myself to get around, and have my nappy changed, it was such a beautiful city and I am sorry to leave it.  However we must continue on our adventure around Italy so our next overnight stop is Florence.

We got up fairly early this morning to repack our bags and make our way to Florence.  We had one last trip down the Grand Canal all the way to the parking station.  It should have been one quick move, throw the bags in Silverfox and head off, back on the right side of the road, BUT mummy lost the parking ticket.  She can be so blonde sometimes! It wasn’t as dramatic as it sounds, it was just one little bump in the road.  Mummy had planned to stop in Bologna for lunch, it was much easier finding our way round Italy this time, as daddy had internet on his phone.  We stopped for lunch and an ice cream, but since we wasted time with the lost parking ticket we were a little behind schedule so we got straight back in the car and drove through Tuscany to Florence.  Mummy’s driving had really improved and she was getting used to driving on the right side and going a lot faster down the motorway.

The drive to Florence was really beautiful.  We drove through the mountains and through tunnels under the mountains.  The trees were bright green, yellow and orange.  We will be sightseeing through the wine country in a few days so I will get mummy to take lots of photo’s.  It was a bit of a photo free day as we were mostly in Silverfox.

Daddy thinks I am going to crawl very soon, I keep sticking my bottom in the air and I can get anywhere with a mix of rolling, turning and pulling myself.  I will keep practising and let you all know when it happens. I have also discovered my reflection in the mirror.  I start laughing and smiling anytime there is a mirror around.

Who is that really really goodlooking baby that follows me around.










Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments. I am really glad your enjoying my blog.  I am having lots of fun writing it and reading your comments puts a big smile on my face.  I am sorry I don’t get to reply to every message but please know that I read them all and they make me really miss each and every one of you.

H x

Our Hotel in Florence


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