Lean on me


Can you guess where we went today?

We took a drive to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  We found some free parking about 3km from the Tower, it was nice to walk around and a chance to burn off some of the carbs we have been eating… well mummy and daddy need to burn off those carbs.  It was another hot day, at least 40 degrees, we are tanning up nicely.  It was a late start this morning so when we got to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it was already lunch time.  After a quick bite to eat, it was time to put on my best smiles for the Leaning Tower of Pisa photo’s. The Tower is in a park so we had a lay down in the grass, and I fell asleep while mummy and daddy took the standard Leaning Tower of Pisa photo’s.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Climbing the Tower


Mummy tried to get it straight.













Just chilling out with daddy

On the way back to the car mummy and daddy had a gelato.  Mummy loves the Gelato, but I still haven’t tried it.  I don’t know if it is a coincidence but they always seem to have it when I am asleep, so daddy can’t sneak me any.  We drove the long way home so we could stop at a few nice places in the Wine country.  Tuscany is so beautiful, full of gorgeous vineyards and sunflower fields.  Our first stop was in San Gimignano, a pretty medieval walled city, famous for it’s towers.  There was once 72 towers, but now there are only 14.  It offers amazing panaormanic views of Tuscany and delicious wine shops, filled with homemade pasta sauces, pasta, salami’s and cheeses.

San Gimignano Towers in the background

Wineries in Siena



Beautiful views of Tuscany










Next stop was Siena and by this time the sun was beginning to set, so we stopped here for dinner. We found a gorgeous restaurant, tucked away in a little alley.  It was a stone walled building at the base of a tower. Mummy had Steak with pears and traditional Tuscan white beans and daddy had Chicken with a berry sauce.  I was being a little bit cheeky and wouldn’t go to sleep so mummy and daddy had to eat their dessert very quickly and take me back to the hotel for a sleep.  It was another big day and for the most part I was very good.  Tomorrow we are driving to Rome.

H x


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  1. 🙂 San Gimignano is so amazing isn’t it? We had the best gelato there! Apparently the 2nd best in the world! We loved all the walled cities, Siena is where we stayed, just down the road from the walled city entrance! Glad you are enjoying yourselves, Harlow looks georgous in all of the pics! xox

  2. Harlow I must say how well you are sitting up , can’t believe how much you have grown since we last saw you and all those lovely smiles you are giving in photos, it looks like you had a fun day Mummy and Daddy looked good to love you heaps G Nan G Dad xxxooo

  3. Hi Harlow and of course your mummy and daddy
    You are having an amazing holiday it will be so nice that you have this great blog to remember all these special times
    You are getting a nice tan just remember to slip slop and slap so you don’t have wrinkles later on
    And is your hair getting lighter or is it just the photos it’s looking blonder
    Soooo proud of you all
    Live your dreams
    Love omi and poppy
    Ps had a lovely day sailing on the weekend weather was great it’s been warm I think winter has already finished missed you all

  4. Well you have travelled a lot in the last few Days.Your mum and Dad are showing you a lot off Italy. You are having a good Time I wish your Holiday could last a lot longer . Opa and I have been to Pisa I have got nice memories .You all look like you are having a good Time love you all .
    A big hug lots of love Oma

  5. Hi Harlow
    We’re glad you are all having such a lovely time. That was brave to climb the tower lucky your Daddy was holding you. Keep trying to sneak a taste of Gelato you might not like it at first especially if it is the lemon flavor but it sure will give your Mummy & Daddy a giggle.
    We miss you.
    Love From Brianna & Ava

  6. it looks very beautiful and inviting, I trust all of you guys are resting I know how hard it is for Big AL to sit.
    I made contact with jamie turner and he is in France at the moment. Lives in Spain 6 months and Sydney 6 months, I may come over next year just for a quick visit with NSWIS

    • Hi Gary,
      The last couple of days of our holiday we did do some r’n’r on the beach in Sorrento. It was lovely and I got to swim about in nice blue water.
      It would be great if you were to come over next year, we look forward to it. Say hi to Olivia and Katie.
      H x

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