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God save the Queen


We had another amazing day on London today.  If it wasn’t enough that we have already had two hot days in a row, today goes ahead and blows it out of the water with the hottest day in September since 1895!

Nikki and Nathan came to visit and we had a fantastic day planned.  It’s not every day you can go to Buckingham palace and check out the inside, they only opened up the Palace to the public for 2 months every year.  This is year is even more exciting as Princess Kate’s wedding dress is on show.  So we took the tube from Turnham green to Victoria, it’s much easier when we have someone to help us with the pram.  I fell asleep on the tube, the motion always sends me to sleep.  Then we grabbed some lunch from Pret-a-manger and sat in the park.  I couldn’t miss out on some  park fun so I woke up and had a little play with the Autumn leaves. It’s a really nice time of year, I love going to the park and playing with all the orange and yellow crunchy leaves.

Nathan, Nikki, mummy and I in the backyard of Buckingham PalacePlaying with the Autumn leaves in the park

After lunch we walked to Buckingham Palace.  Wow what an amazing building, I had already seen it from the outside but inside is just so extravagant.

Fun Fact:  Buckingham Palace has over 775 rooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms and 350+ staff.  There are lots of secret entries to rooms and tunnels underground.

We did the audio tour which was difficult for mummy as I liked to pull out the cord and play with the audio device.  The rooms were filled with lots of gold and the main state rooms are all named becuase of their colour.  A particular favourite was the White drawing room as there was a secret entrance behind a mirror.  The Throne was in the red state room and was very nice aswell.

From the back of Buckingham Palace

Mummy and I at Buckingham Palace

Moving along up the Grand staircase, Princess Kate’s wedding dress, veil, jewellery and shoes were on show in a glass case. It was very interesting as they were showing a interview with the designer from Alexander McQueen on how the dress was made.  It is all very intricate and absolutely stunning. Much prettier than it looks on TV.

After the tour we had high tea at the Grosvenor hotel.  I was meant to fall asleep but instead I wanted to try mummies cakes and yummy sandwiches, she wasn’t sharing though.  It was such a lovely evening that we decided to have our dinner in the Park.  Daddy joined us when he got home from work and everyone had fish and chips for dinner.  Everyone has told me how cold England is, but I have been pleasantly surprised how warm it has been.  I think mummy is glad it has been so nice becuase she was expecting the worst when we arrived.

Today I am going to the Chiswick Town Hall for Gymboree.  Mummy signed us up for a trial to see what it is like. It sounds like a lot of fun and I might make some new friends.

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend back in Australia.

H x


Creepy Crawlies


Mummy and I had a busy week.  On Tuesday we visited little Lucille and her mummy Jo.  Mummy took lots of photo’s of Lucille and I got a little bit jealous, but was mostly a well behaved little girl.  Lucille didn’t want to go to sleep but she was a very good baby letting mummy take lots of photo’s of her.  Hopefully mummy got some nice ones for Jo and Jason.  Afterwards we took a walk to David Lloyds for lunch. David Lloyds is big gym and family centre, there are pools, gym equipment, tennis courts, crèche, kids play areas and a restaurant and heaps of other really cool stuff. I think when I get older I am going to enjoy going there and playing with all the toys.

Thursday night mummy and daddy’s friend Leroy came over for a visit.  As soon as he saw me he was taking pictures and I know he has been looking forward to meeting me for a long time.  He really wanted to play with me and get lots of smiles and cuddles but I was being a bit cheeky and cried a few times until it was my bed time. I think next time I will give him lots of smiles, I can’t be perfect and happy all the time.

On Friday we waited for the Virgin Media guy to come around and fix our internet.  He did an ok job and we had internet for most of the day and then of course it stopped working again.  It doesn’t look like we will have our proper internet working for about 2-3 weeks.  What a pain in the butt!

After the Virgin guy came round, mummy and I took the tube to Victoria station.  Victoria Station is one of the busiest, if not the busiest station in all of London.  Mummy used to work near that station with her friend Sarah, they both worked in Recruitment.  We met up with Sarah for lunch and I got lots of cuddles.  It’s nice meeting all of mummy’s friends because they all really like babies and love to play with me.  I really liked Sarah and I am pretty sure she really likes me because she took some pics of me and put them on facebook before we even got home.

That night it was mummy’s turn for a night out on the town.  She had planned a girlie night with Lucille’s mummy Jo and Aunty Bec. They went out to East London and had a very late night! Mummy got home even later than daddy the previous week but she didn’t fall asleep on the tube.  She had a really nice night out but she missed daddy and me.

Our weekend was pretty quiet.  Nathan wasn’t playing rugby this week so he took Nikki to Paris – she is very lucky! Saturday daddy worked all day and then we had a very quiet night in. Sunday is our family day and my favourite day of the week because daddy spends all day with us.  We started the day with brunch at a French restaurant up the road.  After a bit of wandering around Chiswick and daddy got a haircut then we caught one of those big red buses right into the middle of London – Oxford Circus.  Daddy wanted to check out some new kicks at Nike town, you can customise your own shoes there.  Unfortunately much to my disappointment they can’t customise baby shoes. Oxford Street is so busy and crowded! I didn’t really enjoy it that much as I was stuck in my pram the whole time so mummy thought it would be a nice idea to walk to Hyde park and have a little sit in the park.  The weather has been so nice in London, supposedly warmer than it was in July.  We had some lunch in the park and I got out of my pram and was practising my climbing and crawling all over daddy.  Infact, you might even say I crawled for the first time ever and it was in Hyde Park, London! Mummy had her iphone handy and was recording it as well, so she promises to upload it straight away.

Just chiling with Daddy in Hyde Park.

Moments before my crawl

So embarrassing!! Daddy changes my nappy in public. I had my bottom out for all of London to see.

H x

Rugby Fever


We are almost completely settled into our new flat now except for a few boxes as mummy and daddy need to take a trip to Ikea and buy a few things.  Mummy and I are really enjoying being back, although we miss everyone back in Australia.  Mummy has changed my routine up a little bit and is trying to get me to eat more solid food and on top of that she has stopped giving me breast milk! My sleeping patterns are due for a mix up as well, she is aiming to get me down for two longer sleeps a day rather than three.  It’s all a bit confusing for me at the moment but I think we will settle into our new routine very soon and I will be back to my happy cheerful self in no time.  I am still very happy and smiley, I am just waking up a bit earlier than mummy and daddy likes.

Our internet is still on hiatus, so mummy has to go down to Starbucks and try to update my blog.  We are still a little bit behind but we have some exciting posts to write in the next few days.

Last Friday night daddy had a boys night out with his friends JD, another JD and Pally.  He had a good night and he thinks the boys wanted him to stay out much longer but he missed me and had to work the next day.  So with all his best intentions he attempted to make his way home around 11:30, but as plans don’t always go the way we want to, daddy fell asleep on the tube and ended up in Heathrow.  By this time it was very late and he had to find himself a taxi to get home, poor daddy. Mummy and I found it funny but I don’t think he saw the funny side at the time.

Whilst daddy was enjoying his boys night out, Nikki stayed over on Friday night with mummy and I, we had a proper girls night in.  I went to bed like a good girl but mummy and Nikki stayed up until 2am drinking wine and watching Jersey shore.  Then on Saturday we went shopping at Westfields.  We are very lucky as there is a bus stop out the front of our flat that takes us directly to Westfield shopping centre and the other bus takes us into the centre of London – Oxford Street.  This was the second time in one week we had been to Westfields but this time we had a mission and that was to get me a high chair.   Mummy found a really cool lime green one and since we have bought it, I have been eating a lot more. My favourite thing to do is squish strawberries all over the high chair table and my face.

I love Strawberries!

The plan for the rest of the day was to go to Twickenham and watch Nathan play the Harlequins.  We managed to get out there no problems, but once we arrived it started to bucket down with rain.  Poor Nathan had to play in the pouring rain, we were high up in the stands, so we stayed dry but it sure was cold! Silly mummy went against daddy’s advice and wore thongs instead of boots and she complained that her toes were so cold. Unfortunately Gloucester lost but on the bright side Nathan got to play all of the first half and about 15mins of the second. He had a really good game and it was fun to watch my second ever Rugby match.

Just watching the game with my daddy. He kept me very warm.

Nathan is in the middle.

Nathan is throwing in for the Lineout

I was very excited for the next part of our Saturday night as we were going to have a BBQ at mummy’s best friend’s house.  Mummy hasn’t met Julien (Kristy’s boyfriend) yet so she was very excited to meet him and see the flat they had moved into.  Daddy really like the basement conversion and Julien cooked a really lovely BBQ.  Nikki and Nathan came along and other friends of Kristy and mummy’s – Andy and Nikki were also there.  Nikki gave me lots of lovely cuddles, I enjoyed them so much I didn’t really want to go to bed and miss out on all the fun.  But I eventually did go down to sleep and everyone had a really fun night.

Our weekends are the most fun, so mummy and I won’t bore you with all our details during the week unless we do something special.  Hopefully we will be able to update our blog at Starbucks again tomorrow because we have something very exciting to share….. stay tuned, I won’t give too much away but I may have hit a milestone….you be the judge.

H x

Oh no!!! For some reason we are unable to load pictures in Starbucks so I will have to update these posts with pics when our internet is back up and running.

Wedding Bells


When mummy and daddy booked our flights to come over to the UK we were only coming over because mummy was bridesmaid to one of her best friends, Robyn Brown’s wedding to Chris Richardson.  Robyn is mummy’s friend from Winchester, they met when they were living in Winchester and both worked at River Island, a clothes retail chain.  Chris, Robyn’s boyfriend also worked there, and so the three of them became really good friends.  At one point whilst mummy was in Winchester she needed a place to stay and Robyn kindly offered a spare room in her share house with some other university students. Mummy lived with Robyn, Chris and 4 other girls in one house for almost a year, they had so much fun.  Robyn would also invite her down to her family’s house in Bincombe, Dorset.  Mummy said that they would have so much fun down there, Robyn’s family are really lovely and welcoming and throw the best parties, now they are like family.  Omi and Poppy even joined the Brown’s for Christmas one year.

Robyn and Chris were getting married at a really beautiful place called Orchardleigh.  It is not too far from Bath.  On Saturday morning we drove to our new flat in Chiswick and dropped off all our suitcases and boxes then drove down for the wedding. It only took us about 2 hours to get there and it’s quite a lot of fun driving anywhere now as I get to sit in the front with mummy and daddy.  Daddy loves having me up front.

Saturday night we had dinner with all the family and friends of the bride and groom.  It was a bit of a late night but nothing too crazy as it was the night before the wedding and everyone wanted to look their best.  Mummy was really excited for Robyn and Chris, she loves a good wedding.

Sunday morning daddy looked after me whilst mummy got her hair and makeup done. Nathan and Nikki were coming to look after me for the day but they got stuck in some road closures and got a little bit lost, which meant I got to go to the wedding, lucky me! Daddy got me all dressed up in a pretty dress Robyn bought me when I was born and mummy had been saving it for this particular occasion.  I was such a good girl in the church, I didn’t cry or shout out at all and the only noises I made were from my bottom, which made daddy a little embarrassed.  Mummy and all the bridesmaids looked so lovely, and Robyn looked amazing! They were lucky as the weather turned out perfectly, everyone looked so nice. The men were all very handsome and the bridesmaids looked very pretty. It was such a beautiful wedding.  Nathan and Nikki arrived after the ceremony so they took me back to the cottage and we played games and had lots of fun.  Mummy and daddy went to the reception and partied on with the rest of the wedding guests until 2am!

The beautiful bride.

Mummy and daddy


Mummy and I at the reception












Orcharleigh Cottages


On Monday morning we got up and had breakfast with the newlyweds and everyone else.  Mummy didn’t feel too great but they missed out on their ride up in a helicopter after the wedding due to bad weather, so they got their ride after breakfast.  It was very loud and it was mummy’s first ride in a helicopter, she really likes flying so she enjoyed it.

Daddy in the Helicopter

We drove home around lunchtime as we had a lot of unpacking to do in our new flat in Chiswick.  It was such a nice weekend and my first wedding I have ever been too.  Daddy said I was very lucky as it was one of the best weddings he has been to as well.  I can’t wait for another wedding, I wonder who of mummy and daddy’s friends will get married next.

H x


London Calling


Sorry everyone, I haven’t forgotten about you, our internet has had some problems and won’t be properly back up and running until Monday. So here’s a quick update…

I have been in London now for a week and it’s already been pretty massive.  When we arrived I had my first black cab ride all the way from Heathrow Airport to Morden.  We have been staying with mummy and daddy’s friends Joanna, Jason, Henry and Lucille.  I really enjoyed it as Henry had lots of toys for me to play with.  Henry kept calling me ‘Baby Harlow’ and mummy was ‘Mummy Harlow’ and daddy was ‘Daddy Harlow’.  He was lots of fun.  Daddy was excited as he is working for Jason doing the Loft conversions.  He is happy to get back into work but we have missed him this week.

The weather (which I know is on everyone’s minds) has been lovely.  Everyone warned me about how cold it is in London but we have had nothing but nice weather.  In fact it has been so good that I have still worn some of my summer dresses.  Although mummy did buy me a very warm beanie and made me wear it on one of those hot days, because I looked so cute! I think everyone on facebook thought it was freezing over here because I looked a bit grumpy in my hat, but I was just hot!

On Thursday Nathan and Nikki came to London to visit us.  Nathan is playing Rugby for Gloucester and is spending about 6 weeks living in Cheltenham.  Mummy said it is really nice out that way in the English countryside and she is looking forward to visiting them as they have a nice big house with plenty of beds for us to stay.  So Nathan and Nikki came to visit and we had planned to show Nikki around London, It was both mine and Nikki’s first time in London, so mummy and Nathan were playing tour guide.  Our first stop was to visit Harrod’s; the store with everything! Mummy mapped out our route but we had a few hiccups.  We caught the overland train to Wimbledon station, then the tube to Earls Court.  At Earls court we were meant to catch the Piccadilly line to Knightsbridge but there was a trespasser on the track, so we had to catch the big red Bus.  That wasn’t a problem except that mummy put us on a bus going in the wrong direction.  So after about 90mins and a change of direction we finally arrived at Harrods.

My first Tube ride and I wasn't scared to go underground at all.

On the big red bus going the wrong way

Getting cuddles from Nikki and the Big Harrods Bear

WOW!! What a beautiful and magnificent store. It was huge and so grand.  Nathan was super hungry and we all felt like Pizza, well I didn’t mummy had mashed up 5 bean mix for me….yuck! After Pizza we had a little wonder around, we went to the Chanel exhibition, the Pet store – there were lots of nice things for Cherry-Garcia in there.  Luckily mummy kept her hands in her pockets and walked out with a full wallet, although there were plenty of nice things in there, they definitely come at a cost, an expensive one.  Sorry Cherry, you miss out but we got some lovely ideas for Christmas (if your a good puppy for Omi and Poppy).

We couldn’t leave Harrods without stopping in the Ice-creamery.  Nikki and Nathan each had a huge Sundae with lots of Ice cream and hot fudge sauce, it looked amazing, but as usual I wasn’t allowed any.

Nikki and Nathan at Morelli's Ice creamery

Following our visit to Harrods we took a nice walk through Hyde Park.  Nathan said that last time he walked through here it was in the middle of winter and it was super cold.  There was a winter wonderland set up with Ice-skating and German markets, and they ran into a D –list celebrity: Peter Andre.  Today however, was a lot warmer, it was like a beautiful summer’s day and no celebrity spotting for us.

Nikki was very excited to see Buckingham Palace, so we took a walk through Green Park and found our way out the front of the gigantic building.   It was very exciting to see where the Royal family visit when they come to London, and where Prince William and Kate had their first kiss as husband and wife (I watched the wedding with my G-nan and G-Dad in Coomera).  Mummy and I got lots of photo’s but I missed daddy.  We have been a little bit lonely now that he is back at work, we had so much fun together as a family when we were in Italy.  I like having him around all the time.  We will have to bring daddy next time so we can get some photos of the three of us.

Buckingham Palace

On the way home, we squished into the tube like sardines in a can and I made funny faces at all the strangers.  I was making lots of people laugh, probably the highlight of their day after a dull day at work.  To be honest I was exhausted and I pretty much fell straight asleep as soon as we got home.

Friday mummy got her hair done with Joanna and Daddy looked after Henry and I.  The weekend ahead is going to be pretty epic so I’ll save that for the next post.

H x


Come back to Sorrento


Most of you know we are back in London and have been for the past 5 days and I still haven’t updated my blog with the rest of our trip, well I am going to place most of the blame on mummy as she is so busy all the time.  She has been promising for days to finish but hasn’t got round to it.

So our last few days were spent in Sorrento, with a little less sightseeing and a little more relaxing, so I will update all about the rest of our Italy trip in this last blog entry.  Then I have a few other goodies to include about our time so far in London.


After our huge day in Rome and delicious dinner for mummy and daddy, they took their time at breakfast and checked out then we made our way down the coast of Italy to Sorrento, which is just south of Naples.  Although mummy and daddy did very well with their navigating and driving, and made a huge improvement since they first hired the car, we got very lost in Sorrento trying to find our hotel.  In fact I woke up to them trying to figure out which direction we were heading and whether or not we were driving the wrong way down a one way street…. which we were.  After being lost for an hour in the very narrow and confusing streets of Sorrento we found our hotel.  To be honest it didn’t look that great from the outside but we were happy to give it a go, as it said 4 star on the internet.  Once we got inside however, we knew from then, we were not going to like this place.  Firstly it was 4km from the middle of Sorrento which meant we had to catch a bus, there were no restaurants near us and there was just one beach which you had to pay for.  I won’t go on too much but the room was a level up from a hostel and they didn’t even give me sheets for my cot!  So mummy and daddy emailed our travel agent and hoped to get a refund, but of course we had to stay the first night here.

The private beach

The sunset view from our Suite

Beautiful Sorrento at night

In the morning we checked out after a very lame breakfast and drove into the main part of Sorrento.  Much better! Daddy was feeling very generous and forked out for a sweet pad on the cliffs, very swanky indeed.  He checked out a room and a suite, and decided we would be much more comfortable in a suite.  What a nice way to finish our trip.  It was more like a 6 star hotel, it was amazing!  The hotel had a private beach and I practically had my own room.  It had a little balcony with an amazing view over the coast and Mt Vesuvius. The water looked so blue and inviting so we immediately got our beach things together and went swimming and a little a sleep on the deck.  It was very relaxing, such a nice way to finish our hectic but very fun holiday. We wanted to relax for the next few days, no more sightseeing just a bit of r’n’r.

Swimming with Daddy

Working on my tan

In the evening mummy got all dressed up for the a sunset dinner down the road at a restaurant called Photo.  I had other plans and woke up halfway through their romantic meal and I wasn’t a happy bunny so daddy missed out on dessert again.

All dressed up for our Sunset dinner

The next day was spent sunning ourselves and swimming.  I am getting really good at kicking my legs and I try to put my head under the water to see the fish.  I can’t wait for mummy to take me to swimming lessons next summer.   It was our last night in Sorrento so mummy and daddy were just going to go get a pizza for dinner when they stumbled onto a really nice restaurant out on the water.  It was still very warm and mummy had one more nice dress to wear. So she got all dressed up again and they had a beautiful seafood dinner.  Daddy really spoilt her, so I was a really good girl all night so they got to have a very romantic meal by the water.

Chilling by the pool with my handsome daddy

The restaurant on the water

Mummy and daddy playing on these funny balanced spinning chairs at the restaurant

Mt Vesuvius

We had one more swim in the morning, as it will be our last for a very long time, then we drove to Rome. We were sad to check out of our plush pad but we had one more night in Italy, which was already booked to stay in a hotel nearer the airport.  It was a pretty good hotel and they did a fantastic pizza, not that I got to try any!

Stealing my daddies sunglasses

Cuddling my favourite toy on the big suite bed

Having pizza on our last night in Italy

I have had the best time in Italy, I am a very lucky girl.  Mummy had planned such a great holiday, I saw and learnt so much. Daddy spoilt us and I caught him looking on the internet for ideas for our next holiday. I hope it’s a winter holiday in the snow (hint hint).

We had one more plane ride which wasn’t as epic and long as my first ones, thankfully.  I slept the whole way to London and had my first black cab ride to our next destination: Cherrywood lane Morden. Luckily for us London welcomed us with sunny blue skies, what a nice way to start our next adventure – living in London.

H x

When in Rome….


There is so much to see and do in Rome and mummy sure had a big day planned for us.  Our first stop was to see the pope talk at the Vatican.  He speaks to the public every Sunday at noon.  We didn’t quite make it into the Basilica but they broadcast him in St Peters square. We took loads of photo’s and listened to him for a little while.  I didn’t really know what he was saying as my Italian is very limited to the few words I hear every day… mostly ‘ bellisima, bella, bambina, grazi, prego, ciao’ etc.  The Basilica was really beautiful but I wasn’t really in the mood for it and decided to have a little tantrum.  It’s a little game I have learnt to play whilst on this holiday. You see, I am not really a noisy baby but when I know I have to be on my best behaviour, like in museums, art galleries or churches I decide to practise using my words and I make some unreal sounds.  I also squirm in the pram or in daddy’s arms and I make all sorts of funny loud noises.  It’s a little bit embarrassing for mummy and daddy but hilarious for me.

Listening to the pope talk








Cracking up in the Basilica












Next stop was Piazza Navona for lunch and onto the Pantheon, another gigantic building.  The Romans liked to build things to a very large scale. This Roman temple has been standing for over 2000 years.


Fun Fact #4:  The Pantheon’s diameter is exactly equal to the interior height of 43.3m. Light enters through the oculus, an 8.7m opening in the dome that serves as a symbolic connection between the temple and the gods.  Rainwater enters but drains away through 22 almost invisible holes in the sloping marble floor.

The Colosseum was our next stop.  Another 2000 year, old huge building built in AD 80. I was asleep through most of this sightseeing opportunity but woke just at the end so mummy and daddy could get some family photos and share a few fun facts.

On the look out in the Colosseum








Fun fact #5: When the building was finished on the Colosseum, to mark the occasion they held games here for 100 days and nights during which 5000 animals were slaughtered (insert sad face, those poor animals).  However this wasn’t the worst killing spree, Trajan later topped this with a 117 day marathon involving 9,000 gladiators and 10,000 animals.

Today was another really hot day and by this time I was getting very uncomfortable in my pram.  We stopped by a watermelon cart and mummy put some in my little blue container.  This has to be my favourite fruit so far! Daddy’s feet were starting to get sore and it was getting close to dinner time so there was just one more stop on our tour of Rome.  Mummy saved the best for last, well her favourite for last.  Bocca della verita, made famous from the movie, the Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn.  ‘Bocca della verita’ is Italian for ‘Mouth of Truth’.  Legend has it, that if you put your hand in its mouth and tell a secret, if it is true, you keep your hand but if it is a lie, the mouth takes off your hand.  Luckily both mummy and daddy told the truth with whatever they told the face and they kept both their hands.

Bocca Della Verita - The mouth of Truth

We were nowhere near our hotel so we walked all the way home so mummy could get my food ready for dinner and put me to sleep.  It was such a big day so I slept as soon as my head hit the pillow.  However mummy and daddy went out with me asleep in the pram.  They were just going to go for pizza but ended up having the best meal of the holiday.  It was a little restaurant across the road from our hotel ‘Locarno’.  They chose the 5 course degustation menu, first course was complimentary of the chef, a fried prawn – my crazy parents ate the whole prawn, head and tail, Gross! I spit out my beef and vegetables, I can’t imagine eating  a whole prawn! Then they had the first course which was fried pumpkin flowers with mozzarella and tomato, this was one of mummy’s favourites, she thought it tasted a lot like zucchini flowers.  Next course was the most delicious pasta with a tomato sauce and crispy ham, this was both mummy and daddy’s favourite.  Next they had spaghetti with a cheese and pepper sauce. Then the final savoury course was fried cod with white truffle and chick peas, also very delicious.  I think this was both mummy and daddy’s first time trying truffle and to finish off they had the most amazing chocolate soufflé for mummy and pistachio soufflé for daddy.  By this time they had, a couple bottles of wine and their stomachs were very full so it was time to go to bed!  Wow, what a huge day for us all.

H x

Having a rest with my daddy

Roman holiday


Goodness I have quite a lot of blogging to catch up on! I am sorry I have been a bit a slack lately.

After our adventurous day driving around Tuscany, our next stop was Rome.  I was such a good girl and slept the whole way, which was about 2 ½ hours drive.  We found the hotel really easily and it was really nice.  It had a cool garden restaurant between the two hotel buildings.  The only downfall was that it had a very old lift, one of those ones where it has two doors that you have to open and close each time you get in and out of it. My pram didn’t fit inside, so daddy had to carry me up the three flights of stairs each day.  Since we arrived in Rome fairly early afternoon mummy thought we should get a little bit of sightseeing in before dinner, the Trevi fountain wasn’t too far from the hotel, so off we went.  I fell asleep on the way and missed out on seeing how pretty it is, but mummy and daddy took some photo’s.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

It was such a hot afternoon, so we sat inside a nice air conditioned restaurant for dinner.  I had lamb and vegetables, this was my first time trying lamb and I really liked it.  Mummy and daddy stuck to eating a very healthy salad.  The Spanish steps were just around the corner from the restaurant, so we took a detour on our way back to the hotel.  Those steps seem to go on forever.  Daddy was glad he didn’t have to carry me and my pram up them.

Spanish Steps

We had an early night because mummy had planned a very busy day tomorrow.

H x