Wedding Bells


When mummy and daddy booked our flights to come over to the UK we were only coming over because mummy was bridesmaid to one of her best friends, Robyn Brown’s wedding to Chris Richardson.  Robyn is mummy’s friend from Winchester, they met when they were living in Winchester and both worked at River Island, a clothes retail chain.  Chris, Robyn’s boyfriend also worked there, and so the three of them became really good friends.  At one point whilst mummy was in Winchester she needed a place to stay and Robyn kindly offered a spare room in her share house with some other university students. Mummy lived with Robyn, Chris and 4 other girls in one house for almost a year, they had so much fun.  Robyn would also invite her down to her family’s house in Bincombe, Dorset.  Mummy said that they would have so much fun down there, Robyn’s family are really lovely and welcoming and throw the best parties, now they are like family.  Omi and Poppy even joined the Brown’s for Christmas one year.

Robyn and Chris were getting married at a really beautiful place called Orchardleigh.  It is not too far from Bath.  On Saturday morning we drove to our new flat in Chiswick and dropped off all our suitcases and boxes then drove down for the wedding. It only took us about 2 hours to get there and it’s quite a lot of fun driving anywhere now as I get to sit in the front with mummy and daddy.  Daddy loves having me up front.

Saturday night we had dinner with all the family and friends of the bride and groom.  It was a bit of a late night but nothing too crazy as it was the night before the wedding and everyone wanted to look their best.  Mummy was really excited for Robyn and Chris, she loves a good wedding.

Sunday morning daddy looked after me whilst mummy got her hair and makeup done. Nathan and Nikki were coming to look after me for the day but they got stuck in some road closures and got a little bit lost, which meant I got to go to the wedding, lucky me! Daddy got me all dressed up in a pretty dress Robyn bought me when I was born and mummy had been saving it for this particular occasion.  I was such a good girl in the church, I didn’t cry or shout out at all and the only noises I made were from my bottom, which made daddy a little embarrassed.  Mummy and all the bridesmaids looked so lovely, and Robyn looked amazing! They were lucky as the weather turned out perfectly, everyone looked so nice. The men were all very handsome and the bridesmaids looked very pretty. It was such a beautiful wedding.  Nathan and Nikki arrived after the ceremony so they took me back to the cottage and we played games and had lots of fun.  Mummy and daddy went to the reception and partied on with the rest of the wedding guests until 2am!

The beautiful bride.

Mummy and daddy


Mummy and I at the reception












Orcharleigh Cottages


On Monday morning we got up and had breakfast with the newlyweds and everyone else.  Mummy didn’t feel too great but they missed out on their ride up in a helicopter after the wedding due to bad weather, so they got their ride after breakfast.  It was very loud and it was mummy’s first ride in a helicopter, she really likes flying so she enjoyed it.

Daddy in the Helicopter

We drove home around lunchtime as we had a lot of unpacking to do in our new flat in Chiswick.  It was such a nice weekend and my first wedding I have ever been too.  Daddy said I was very lucky as it was one of the best weddings he has been to as well.  I can’t wait for another wedding, I wonder who of mummy and daddy’s friends will get married next.

H x



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  1. Hi Harlow it was great to get your update you looked lovely in your red dress andl white fur coat at the wedding Mummy and Daddy looked good to what a beautiful wedding I do hope you have settled down in your new home look forward to seeing your next blog lots of love G Nan G Daddad xxxooo

  2. hi Harlow
    So glad you had a lovely time at the wedding
    It was great to get a new blog I know everyone looks forward to reading them
    We are in Nelson bay you would love it we see dolphins all the time they even came up to our boat at the marina it was so lovely to see them so close up ,I hope we get to show it to you one day
    I hope you are setteling in your new home and that you are well ,be good little one ,we miss you lots
    Love omi and poppy xxooxx

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