God save the Queen


We had another amazing day on London today.  If it wasn’t enough that we have already had two hot days in a row, today goes ahead and blows it out of the water with the hottest day in September since 1895!

Nikki and Nathan came to visit and we had a fantastic day planned.  It’s not every day you can go to Buckingham palace and check out the inside, they only opened up the Palace to the public for 2 months every year.  This is year is even more exciting as Princess Kate’s wedding dress is on show.  So we took the tube from Turnham green to Victoria, it’s much easier when we have someone to help us with the pram.  I fell asleep on the tube, the motion always sends me to sleep.  Then we grabbed some lunch from Pret-a-manger and sat in the park.  I couldn’t miss out on some  park fun so I woke up and had a little play with the Autumn leaves. It’s a really nice time of year, I love going to the park and playing with all the orange and yellow crunchy leaves.

Nathan, Nikki, mummy and I in the backyard of Buckingham PalacePlaying with the Autumn leaves in the park

After lunch we walked to Buckingham Palace.  Wow what an amazing building, I had already seen it from the outside but inside is just so extravagant.

Fun Fact:  Buckingham Palace has over 775 rooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms and 350+ staff.  There are lots of secret entries to rooms and tunnels underground.

We did the audio tour which was difficult for mummy as I liked to pull out the cord and play with the audio device.  The rooms were filled with lots of gold and the main state rooms are all named becuase of their colour.  A particular favourite was the White drawing room as there was a secret entrance behind a mirror.  The Throne was in the red state room and was very nice aswell.

From the back of Buckingham Palace

Mummy and I at Buckingham Palace

Moving along up the Grand staircase, Princess Kate’s wedding dress, veil, jewellery and shoes were on show in a glass case. It was very interesting as they were showing a interview with the designer from Alexander McQueen on how the dress was made.  It is all very intricate and absolutely stunning. Much prettier than it looks on TV.

After the tour we had high tea at the Grosvenor hotel.  I was meant to fall asleep but instead I wanted to try mummies cakes and yummy sandwiches, she wasn’t sharing though.  It was such a lovely evening that we decided to have our dinner in the Park.  Daddy joined us when he got home from work and everyone had fish and chips for dinner.  Everyone has told me how cold England is, but I have been pleasantly surprised how warm it has been.  I think mummy is glad it has been so nice becuase she was expecting the worst when we arrived.

Today I am going to the Chiswick Town Hall for Gymboree.  Mummy signed us up for a trial to see what it is like. It sounds like a lot of fun and I might make some new friends.

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend back in Australia.

H x


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  1. Hi Harlow what a lovely time you are having in London with Nathan and Nikki Mummy and Daddy you must be getting quite heavy fior Mummy to carry now. You looked really cute in your photos with Daddy in the Park still have your lovely smiles how you are changing getting bigger every time we see a new update, look forward to seeing you all on Skype very soon lots of love hugs and kisses G nan G Dad xxxooo

  2. Hi my little princess, nanny’s glad the weather has stayed lovely for you so you can enjoy the sights of London.. hope you didnt eat any of the autumn leaves lol…
    Waiting for your next blog, sending lots of kisses and cuddles, Nannny Mindy xoxoxox

  3. Hi my gorgeous girls
    It’s so great to read your blogs as it gives us a little picture of your lives and it seems to be a very pretty picture indeed you are all having soooo much fun
    I’m really happy you get to spend time with uncle nathan and Nicky they seem to have a lot of fun with you too , give Nathan a big cheer at his game this weekend hope he has a win
    Big kisses to you all from omi and poppy xxx

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