A photo a day keeps the doctor away.


I love the camera

I don’t really have much to report this week. So I thought I would update with a few photo’s instead.  We had a very quiet weekend and our internet is still not working and mummy still doesn’t have a phone.

Bath time!

Chilling in my cool pink bath seat










Doing the lizard

On Monday I had an appointment with a Child Modeling Agency – Scallywags.  Mummy had sent my photo’s to a few agencies and we heard back from two who were interested in seeing me.  Scallywags seemed very professional, so mummy decided to book our interview with them.  They didn’t chat to us long, but they took a couple of photo’s of me.  Mummy was standing behind the photographer trying to make me smile, I gave them a half effort not my full cheeky smile.  Either way whatever I did worked and mummy got an email today saying they would like me to go on their books.  So you never know, I might be in the next gurgle or baby vogue or something very soon.

Not my best model face, but I can't smize all the time










Mummy booked me into another musical/playtime lesson today with a group called Hartbeeps.  It was loads of  fun and mummy bought her camera with her today so she took some photo’s of me playing with other kids.  We made a new friend today, Raindrop and her daddy Oge.  They are from America and recently moved to London for her mummy’s work.  Mummy and I went out to lunch with Oge and Raindrop and next week we are going to a music session with Gymboree.

Playing with my new friend - Raindrop








Playing on the beach ball at Hartbeeps










More fun at Hartbeeps


I follow mummy all around the apartment now and I am gettingvery good at going from crawling to sitting myself up.  I get a little tired so I need that rest and I just sit and watch mumy cook or do whatever she is doing.  Last night I was sitting near the coffee table and I got up on my knees and tried to pull myself up.  Mummy was getting very excited and was egging me on but I gave up after a couple of efforts.  It shouldn’t be long till I can pull myself up, especially as mummy has bought me some new toys to help me learn to stand and walk.

Come and get me!


We had an update from Virgin Media today and unfortuantely it looks like our internet problem won’t be fixed for another month! How ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter how much ranting and raving mummy does, it won’t get them out here to fix the problem any quicker so we just have to perservere with free Wifi at Starbucks.

Playing in the grass at Cheltenham

H x



3 responses »

  1. Hi Harlow what lovely photos Mummy has taken , you are a gorgeous little girl You love having your photo taken all smiles, my how you are growing up and what fun you are having with your new friends at play group. g Dad and I are in Sydney at moment and I have been showing everyone your updates they all say how cute you are Kas and Greg said how much you have changed and loved looking at all your up dates . Lots of love kisses G Nan G Dad.

  2. Hi Harlow
    My you are growing and look how big your teeth are now, you must be able to eat lots of different foods now , the mangos are in season now I wish I could send you some to try I think you would love them
    Looks like u had a lot of fun at the gym it’s great that u are meeting new friends
    Big kisses from us all we miss u and think u are sooooo cute in the photos
    Love omi and poppy xxxx

  3. Hi Gorgeous Girl, my your getting bigger each time mummy puts a blog up and hasnt your hair grown.. thats so nice you are making new friends at Hartbeeps it looks like your having a lot of fun there.. the pics that mummy has done of you are so cute.. I love your cheeky grin reminds me of daddys I will have your cousins Ashton and Savannah again next week so I’ll try and catch mummy on Skype so you can see each other and have a little chat.. the weather must be still warm over there for you to be in summer clothes.. and you are nearly pulling yourself up mummy will have to put things away when you perfect that lol.. lots of love, kisses and cuddles , Nanny Mindy and Poppy T xoxo

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