Pumped up kicks


Mummy has made a little video montage of me crawling, sitting, playing and other little things she has filmed recently. So grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy watching me play around.

H x


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  1. Harlow what a lovely video of you with all your toys an d having fun at play group. Your Mummy is doing a very good job of your updates, lots of love kisses to you all. G Nan G Dadxxxooo

  2. Aww.. Harlow that video made me teary.. I so want to give you kisses and cuddles.. your facial expressions remind so much of your daddy when he was a baby he was so cheeky and mishievious.. it was so lovely to see you trying to crawl and you actually manage to sit yourself back up, and even standing at your play table your such a clever girl… I bet being in your jolly jumper is one of your favourite things to do, you looked like you were having so much fun… anywaz my little princess keep on having fun times and thank mummy for the video she’s very clever also, miss you so much, love, kisses and cuddles, Nanny Mindy xoxox

    PS.. give mummy and daddy a hug and a kiss from me..

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