Pumpkin Patch



Happy little Pumpkin



Happy (Belated) Halloween everyone!

It’s been a while since I have updated my blog, I blame mummy.  She is always doing other things and since th internet is still not working she uses that as an excuse as well.  The internet in our flat will be fixed in two weeks so we promise that we will blog more often.  Mummy has been saving up lots of pictures to post and will do another video montage very soon. 

Yesterday was Halloween so mummy dressed me up for the day as a Pumpkin.  After she did her thing in Starbucks and after I had my morning snooze we went to the park so she could get lots of photo’s of me playing in the Autumn leaves – as a Pumpkin!  Lots of people stopped and commented on how cute I was and tried to help mummy make me smile for the photo’s.  We found a really good spot to play in the leaves, the problem in Chiswick is that they rake up the leaves in the park closest to our flat. So mummy has been looking for a good spot to get some Autumn pics for a while now. We found a great spot in the park across from Starbucks.  We didn’t go trick or treating but mummy promised to take me next year.



I am really getting up and about the flat these days.  I can properly pull myself up to a stand and today I started to walk around a little bit using the sofa as a guide.  I got up on my two feet and mummy was sitting at the other end of the sofa so I tried to get closer and took a few steps before she helped me.  She was a little worried I would fall and hurt my bottom.  She was very happy and proud of me.  I don’t really sit still anymore, which is great for me as I love to explore but mummy doesn’t get a minute to herself, even when she jumps in the shower, I go searching for her.  Today I did something very silly I crawled under the coffee table and was going really well until I got a bit stuck halfway.  Mummy watched me do it and thought it was funny until I started to get a little scared. 

Last night mummy was telling me that it was Melbourne Cup day back in Australia.  Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race in Australia and it happens every year on the first Tuesday of November.  It sounds like a lot of fun and supposedly mummy usually has some good luck, picking the winner.  She had a quick look at the horse lineup and chose a random horse called Dunaden and she tried to put a bet on using daddy’s phone but it didn’t work.  Bugger! She found out this morning she would have won! We should have called Omi and got her to put a bet on for us then she could put the winnings in my bank account. 

H x


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  1. What a cute little pumpkin! Unlucky about the horse bet 😦 Does Mummy have a phone yet? Hopefully I might see you all on the weekend! x

  2. Harlow what a great pumpkin outfit you looked so cute playing in leaves it made G Nanhave a tear or two what a shame mummy couldn’t put her bet on, look forward to talking to you all very soon lots of love hugs kisses, G Nan G Dad, miss you all. Xxx

    • Hi Nan, Do you remember what happens here on 5th November? BONFIRE NIGHT!! I am really excited for my first fireworks show. We are going to Wimbledon park with baby Lucille and Henry to watch the fireworks. Mummy has some ear muffs so it won’t be too loud for me. She promises to help me blog all about it on Monday morning or earlier if she has the time. Big kisses and hugs to you and Gdad. xx

  3. Hello gorgeous girl, Im not surprised people stopped to say how cute you are, coz you are, no matter what you wear.. I love that little pumpkin outfit mummy got you… Im afraid you will be getting yourself in many sticky situations now that you are getting around lol.. its all coz of your inquisitive little mind.. shame mummy couldnt get to put a bet on the Mel. cup but I got two 1st’s and a 3rd in sweeps at a luncheon I attended so I was very pleased… I cant wait till mummy posts a video montage of you walking around the furniture.. but by the time those naughty workmen get your internet working you maybe taking steps on your own.. you are growing up so fast.. it wont be long till you have a new little cousin.. Aunty Jenny will have to make a blog also for you to meet Jordy..
    Waiting for your next blog.. love, hugs and kisses Nanny Mindy xoxxoxoox

    PS could you give mummy and daddy big kisses and hugs for me.. xoxox

    • We are really looking forward to meeting my new little cousin, mummy has been giving me updates from Aunty Jen’s status on facebook. Please give Aunty Jen a big hug from all of us.
      Big hugs and kisses to you too Nanny, mummy said we will skype again soon as soon as internet is back on. xx

  4. Hi my little pumpkin
    You look sooo cute in your little outfit and are getting very clever I am sure you keep mummy on her toes
    That was a shame mummy didn’t get her bet on it was a very exciting race this year
    I had you in a sweep ,you a one of the favorites ,but of course that horse didn’t win
    Never mind we might have better luck next year
    Keep the blogs and pictures coming we love them
    Lots of hugs from omi and poppy
    And Ava and Brianna
    I know they look at the blogs but haven’t left any comments

  5. You look very cute Harlow. We dressed up for Halloween too. I dressed as a witch and Ava just dressed up in her bright coloured dress that she wore on the walk for a cure on Sunday. It was our daddys birthday so mummy put spiderwebs & spiders around the place so it was ready for the Trick or treaters we didn’t get too many kids this year but it was fun to see them dress up. We look forward to your next blog…love from Brianna & Ava

    • Thanks for your comment Brianna and Ava. You will have to email my mummy a picture of you all dressed up. Mummy asked if it was too late to put money on your walk for a cure donation page? She didn’t realise it was last weekend already. We have a pretty exciting weekend ahead. On friday night we are watching the fireworks in Wimbledon for Bonfire night and meeting up with Mummy’s best friend Kristy for brunch on Saturday. I will update my blog with lots of firework pics. Lots of love Harlow. xxx

  6. Hi Harlow yes I do remember November 5th Guy fox night we used to make guys out of our dads Clothes and stuff them with straw And put him in cart, and go round the streets and people used to put money in tin, and then we would by fire works, and the guy would go on top Bon fire good old times, when I was a little girl. Also when I was older that was where I first met G Dad at bonfire party Los of love G Nan G Dad xxx

  7. Harlow you are the cutest little pumkin ive ever seen! I love the autum pics you look like a good little model for mummy 😉 xxxx

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