Good things come in Two’s


What a way to start the week! Firstly mummy discovered two new teeth in my mouth.  The two top fangs have come through which would explain why I was a little bit naughty on Sunday night when Uncle JD come round for a roast.  So far eveytime JD has visited I have been a little bit cheeky, he must think I am a little bugger! However I had my reasons this time. I now have a total of four teeth in my mouth, which is going to make eating a lot easier. I am really excited by this as my two front bottom teeth were getting so big and lonely in there.

Saturday night mummy, daddy and I had an early night since I was up way past my bedtime on Bonfire night. It wasn’t the best weather on Sunday so mummy decided to try out a Jamie Oliver recipe for a super tender 4 hour Lamb roast. She succeeded in making it look just as delicious as Jamie Oliver.  Although I was meant to be asleep, my new teeth were giving me troubles so I saw how good it looked.  JD and daddy looked very full and satisfied.  I think she is going to try a 6 hour Pork roast this Sunday.

Yesterday we had some wonderful news from our friends Heidi and Jason Atkins.  They welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world. Her name is adorable Ada Frankie Atkins.  I am super happy I get another girlfriend to play with when we visit Australia for holidays.

Then…. Last night my Aunty Jen text mummy when she was in labour with little Jordy.  We found out this morning that he arrived happy and healthy weighing a big 8 pounds 3 oz and 54cm long. His full name is Jordy Benjamin Kalcina  and he is a little cutie from what I have seen on mummy’s facebook.  I am going to have so much fun when we visit Australia, so many new friends and family to play with.  I think mummy has got a little broody again with all these beautiful new babies.  She was looking back at pictures of when I was born and forgot how small I looked.  They both say I am a big lump these days!

I am so happy for Aunty Jen and  Ben, Heidi and Jason.  Mummy says having a little baby in your life is the best thing in the world and I have bought her much happiness.  She says that although it was the most painful it was the most special moment in her life and she loves me to bits. I make her and daddy smile everyday.  There are four very proud parents  back in Australia and we wish them the very best and send big hugs and kisses to everyone.

H x


About Harlow London Stanley

With a lot of help from my mummy, I am writing this blog to help my friends and family stay in touch with me when we move to London in a few weeks. I am going to miss everyone and I am not very good at writing emails and I can't talk yet, so skype can be difficult. So we thought this would be the most fun way for everyone to see what I am up to. At the moment I am almost 6 months old so there are few big milestones ahead of me, teeth, crawling, walking and talking are just a few that I hope to master this year. All of my family will be home in Australia and will miss these amazing moments, so I promise to post them with pictures, videos and little diary entries as soon as they happen.

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  1. Hi Harlow
    4 teeth wow that will make eating all the yummy food your mummy makes much easier to chew
    You now have more reasons to come back home for visits with your new little cousin and new little girl friend
    I know how much your other cousins miss you as well
    And yes having a baby is the most special of all things a mum can do
    Shame they grow up ha ha mic
    Love to you all
    Omi xxxx

  2. Hi Harlow you are really growing up it was lovely to see you on Skype the other night walking round table, what a clever little girl you are and now you have more teeth, Mummy looked really well Luke was very pleased to talk to you all as well, he will be coming to see you When he gets to London. G Nan is looking forward to seeing Aunty Jen and her Georgeus baby boy Jordy, what a lot of cousins you will have to play with when come back to see us. All. Lots love hugs kisses G Nan G Dad xxx

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