Mummy is letting me feed myself.




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  1. Oh Harlow lol you look like your enjoying that so much did you manage to eat it all.. I see that you can pull yourself up in your cot, your getting such a clever girl and quite talkative.. I do love the hooded cardi that was knitted for you it looked lovely on you, I have always liked hand knitted cardi’s and jumpers on babies, I wish I could knit like mummys friends mother she is very clever also.. Nanny has been spending time with your cousins Ashton and Savannah the last few days and now Im with baby Jordy your new cousin.. I bet if you were here you would be giving him lots of kisses and cuddles, he is such a cutie…. anywaz my little princess Nanny will say nite nite coz its her bedtime.. lotsa love, kisses and cuddles Nanny Mindy xoxoxoxoxox

  2. That looks like soooo much fun Harlow. Mummy doesn’t let me eat like that anymore but she has pictures of me wearing my bowl as an accessory when I was little like you, you should try that too it’s really fun, it really is.

    Love from AVA.

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