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Happy Australia Day!


Happy Australia Day everyone! Sorry my well wishes are a little late for Australia time but I am sure you all had a great day, I wish I was there to join you. I hope the weather cleared up back home and all my family and friends were able to celebrate Australia day properly – snags on the barbie, fresh prawns, pavlova and listening to the triple J hottest 100 (yes, I am very cool and I know all about this, mummy told me all about it and we used to listen to triple J in the car when we were in Oz). I would have voted for anything by ‘Foster the people’ or ‘Lana Del Rey’ for top spot but I already know who won, as we were on the phone to my Aunty Jen.

I had a big sleep in this morning as I am feeling much better.  I was sick again last night when mummy gave me my medicine but I am feeling fine today.  When I woke up mummy dressed me up straight away in a nice red shirt with an Australian flag and the words ‘Australian, born and bred’.  I think I look quite cool, so I grabbed my Koala bear (from Nanny Mindy) and asked mummy to take some photo’s of me.

What do you think? Do I look very Australian?

At the moment we are watching the Australian open, then we are going for a walk outside – it’s a beautiful day here in London. I think mummy is going to cook a meat pie for dinner and make pavlova for dessert, she has even promised to make a baby friendly version for me too. I can’t wait to eat my first meat pie, I’ve heard how yummy they are.

Mummy reminded me also that it is a very good friends Birthday today, he is so lucky he gets to share his birthday with such an awesome country day. Happy Birthday Leroy!

What did you do to celebrate Australia day?

H x


My first trip to the Hospital


After I finished my blog last night before bed and had my bottle, I had an hours sleep only to wake up and vomit everywhere again.  Daddy cleaned me up and mummy cleaned up the mess, thank you mummy and daddy.  They checked my temperature and it was very high again and I was burning up so they decided to drive me to the Hammersmith Hospital.  They were really good there, we only had to wait a couple of mins and the nurse put something in my ear and gave me some medicine. I didn’t like it at all, these strangers touching me! Daddy held me very close and tried to reassure me it was going to be ok and that they were very nice strangers.

Then we saw the doctor and he tried to look down my throat and check my breathing with a very cold round thing.  I didn’t like this either and I screamed and cried very loudly.  Luckily my temperature started to come down and I was feeling a little bit sleepy.  The doctor told me my throat was quite red and it could be a throat infection, so he wrote out a prescription for a bunch of medicines.  I hate taking medicine!! It tastes disgusting, YUCK! Poor mummy has to wrestle me down like a crocodile just to get some of it in my mouth.

When we got home I went to straight sleep and had a nice big sleep in this morning.  I am feeling a bit better.  Mummy said we won’t be going to swimming lessons today 😦 It’s not very nice outside either so I think we are going to have a warm doona day inside. I hope I perk up a bit for Australia Day tomorrow.

H x

Not such a happy little vegemite


The week started well with mummy buying me a new necklace.  She said it was a special magical necklace that helps take the pain away when more of my teeth come through. She must have been right because one more tooth came through and I didn’t make a fuss. I now have a total of 7 teeth, four up top and three on the bottom.

All seven teeth

Poor daddy has been sick all weekend. He came home a little earlier on Friday night which was nice for us but sad for daddy as he got straight into bed and mummy had to nurse him back to good health.  He was up and down all night but luckily I sleep very well through the night and he didn’t wake me once.  Mummy on the otherhand looked a little tired when I woke her on Saturday morning.  Poor daddy was still sick but he had to drop something off at work.  He manage to make it there and came straight home again and climbed back into bed.  I have never seen daddy so ill and we did not like it one bit.  Mummy did a good job looking after him but after a while I got very restless, we had been inside all day and although I have lots of toys I have a very short attention span, so it doesn’t take me long to get bored of them, move on to the next toy and then get bored of that one.  I never left mummies side all day and so she decided to take me for a little walk,  Daddy had fallen asleep and we had to go up the road and get some dinner anyway.  There is a great play area at Starbucks so we killed an hour in there.  I met some new babies and tried to play with them and they have lots of new toys this year so there is plenty to do whilst mummy sips on her latte.

Daddy still wasn’t 100% on Sunday so we all stayed in again.  I got very bored very quickly, mummy took me out for a little stroll around the park. Nothing to exciting much to my disappointment, I hope she has lots of fun things planned next week to make up for my boring weekend. Luckily daddy seemed to perk up a bit on Sunday evening, in time to go back to work on Monday.  Poor daddy, he works very hard and I don’t like seeing him 100%. On the brightside, I have been practising standing on my own, I think the longest I have stood with my arms in the air and not resting my belly on anything, was 4 or 5 seconds, a new record!  Mummy and daddy keep talking about me walking on my own, they have shown me plenty of times how to do it and sometimes they try to trick me into walking but I am smarter than them, and I immediately get down low and crawl. I do feel a little bit of pressure to walk, especially before I turn one.  Alot of my friends back in Australia have already taken some steps all by themselves.  I have 2 and a half weeks maybe I will surprise everyone.

Mummy had promised plenty of fun things in store for us this week to make up for our very quiet weekend.  Yesterday we caught the tube to Liverpool Street station and met up with Sarah for a coffee. Sarah is always so happy to see me and I reward her with my best smiles. I sat on her lap for over an hour which is pretty good since I don’t like to sit still for very long.  I am super excited because Sarah has a new friend for me to play with growing in her belly. I was lucky it didn’t kick me when I was sitting on her lap and I was very careful not to lean to much into her belly. On the way home we had to stop in at the shops to get some bread and milk, we walked a different way and  found a really cool park with loads of different swings and some slippery slides.  I had been such a good girl all day so I tried out one really cool swing that was like a huge basket. It was awesome!

Mummy has been very secretive lately and won’t let me on the computer as much as before. She always hides it when I come up to her and see what she is looking at.  I think what ever she is looking had something to do with out little trip today.  We went back to Liverpool street but this time we didn’t see Sarah, we got on another train and went to a place called Romford in Essex.  Usually I like our little adventures but last night I wasn’t feeling well, infact I projectile vomitted all over my teddies and cot. Mummy just thought I had an upset tummy and she gave me lots of cuddles and kissed my belly better.  I went back to sleep and slept through the night and this morning I woke up happy and ate all my brekky, so she assumed she was right about an upset belly and I was all better.  Mummy had to meet a lady and pick some things up but unfortunately when we arrived in Romford I was not well, I was sick all over my cute little outfit. It was a shame as this lady worked at a soft play place called Funky monkey’s and she said we could use the fun place for free.  There was so many new adventures in there and on any other day I would have been clapping with excitement but after being sick I was not interested and mummy didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to play either so we just went home. I slept all the way which was probably a good thing. When we got home I had a temperature and was sick again.  So I am writing this blog from mummy’s bed.  We are cuddling up together and resting.  My temperature has dropped down a bit and I have managed to eat a vegemite sandwich and some water, so you don’t need to worry.  I might have caught a little bit of daddy’s sickness but I think I am on the mend.

Tomorrow we are meant to be starting swimming lessons but mummy said if I am still sick we will have to wait till next week.

Silly mummy lost all the details of our friends back in Australia and their birthday’s so we have to give a group shoutout to all the babies who turned Numero Uno this month.  Happy birthday to Jarrod, Andrew, Peyton, Skyla and Cora. I am sorry we are little bit late with most of these. From what I have seen on facebook it looks like you have all had some cool parties.  Only Jake, myself and Ethan are yet to turn 1 but it’s not long now.

H x


Hi Everyone,

Harlow is very excited about her first birthday and I am having fun planning it.  Don’t tell her, but I have bought her an adorable outfit for the day she is going to look amazing!  Thank you to everyone who is following her blog we have fun writing it to keep you all entertained and updated with what she is up to over here.

So a few family and friends have mentioned the list we did at Christmas, and whether we are doing the same for her birthday.  I’ll make it a little bit easier this time, Toys’r’us seemed to work the best and were fantastic with their delivery, so I have made a gift list for toys with the Toys’r’us link below.  Harlow was very spoilt at Christmas and recieved lots of lovely toys and gifts, so I have also included a website with lots of clothes.  Her drawers are looking a little thin these days, so if your interested in clothes rather than toys, check out the Next website link.  I have not made a gift list as we love everything in this store. I’ll add a couple more, but Next and Toys’r’us are two of my favourites.

I am making up a sweet shoppe stand for Harlow’s birthday so I have a lot of baking and organising to do. I promise to take lots of photo’s and Harlow will enjoying showing everyone how much fun she had at her first birthday.

If you have any problems with this website, you can search for the list using my email address: and if it asks for a password: Harlow11  (size: 9-12months.  This size still swims on her) (also makes some very nice clothes)

Drop me an email if you have any problems with the websites or need our address.

Lots of Love

Michelle (mummy) xx

A message from Mummy

You’ll never walk alone


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has sent lovely messages about my video.  Mummy and I had fun putting it together and choosing the best bits of the year.  I must say, it was hard to choose all the little bits, mummy takes ALOT of photo’s and video’s of me.  It was really nice to hear everyones comments and see family reposting the video on Facebook. I have had a such an exciting first year and would like to thank everyone who follows my blog.

It has been a busy week for us.  Mummy is meant to be on a budget but I don’t know how she went this week as we went out for 3 lunches! On Tuesday we saw Jo (Pickles or as daddy calls her, Little Jo). We met up in Sloane square and had a lovely lunch at a little french place.  We sat on the longest table I have ever seen, it was HUGE.  Mummy had packed lots of treats for my lunch but I just wanted to eat cheese.  She doesn’t bother with getting the stringers anymore as I love all cheese, just like mummy.  We had a little wonder around the shops but Sloane Square is smack bang in the middle of Chelsea and unless your rich there isn’t a whole lot you can splash your cash on – especially when your on a budget!

On Wednesday we had a quiet day in, mummy really should have updated our blog then, but she can be a little lazy sometimes. Thursday we were meant to go to Rhyme time with some of my heartbeeps friends and mummies but it was cancelled so we went out for lunch instead.  I like going out to lunch with my heartbeeps friends.  William and Charlie are very nice and I think they like me too.  At first I was sitting close to mummy and she was giving me her crusts rom her pizza – my favourite.  Then the mummies moved us kids altogether which was alot more fun.  I sat next to Charlie – his mummy is Australian like my mummy and daddy.  We held hands for a little bit and I invited both of the boys to my birthday party in a couple of weeks.

Lunch with my Boy friends.

That is right, I turn 1 very soon.  I am already counting down the days and mummy is getting busy organising it.  As our little flat is a bit too small for a party so we have reserved an area in the local pub.  We go to this pub for lunch after hartbeeps every week and it is really nice.  They will section off an area and mummy has made plans for two big tables and a play area for the kiddies.  The other fun thing is that she has a theme for my party –  It’s a sweet shoppe theme.  I don’t know who the theme is for because I am not allowed sweets, so I think she thinks this is her first birthday party rather than mine.  She has promised to let me try my birthday cake which is very big for her, she doesn’t let me have any fun food! Pizza crust is my only vice.

Luke came over that Thursday afternoon and he had a surprise for me! It was an early birthday present and I was very happy about it.  He had just got back from Liverpool and he was lucky enough to go to Anfield and buy me my first Liverpool kit. I think G.Dad will be very impressed with my new kit.  Daddy was beaming with proudness when he arrived home and saw me in my gorgeous red outfit.  To be honest I really like it, but I am pretty sure it’s meant for boys and with my short hair I look alot like a little boy rather than a little girl.

Scouse Girl.

You'll never walk alone

Daddy's little girl












We have changed our hartbeeps day to Friday. So on Friday we went to the first session of the term.  It was so much fun and it was great to catch up with all the kids and hear all about their Christmas and new year.  I think I was the most spoilt, but everyone had a visit from Santa.  Kim (the teacher) was really happy to see me back as I always climb all over her and give her lots of smiles.  This term they have changed the theme and have added lots of new songs. We didn’t go to lunch today as mummy had things to do at home and she had already been out twice this week.

Kristy (Kiki – what mummy and Kristy are teaching me) is back from her holidays in Australia.  I was very happy to see her again and hear all about her adventures, back home.  It sounded like she had such a nice time, visiting the beach everyday, driving up to Byron bay and visitng some of our friends on the Gold coast.  She even met Ada (Heidi and Jason’s baby girl).  It was Julien’s first time in Australia, and he likes surfing so I think he had a really good time too. They were very lucky as the weather hasn’t been that nice back in Oz, but it cleared up especially for the three weeks they were there.  We met up in Balham for lunch at another french restaurant called Gazette.  Kristy and Julien go here alot and it’s a new favourite of mine aswell.  They have a nice area for mummies with babies, the tables are chalkboards and Kristy tried to teach me how to write my name however I was more interested in eating the chalk.  Mummy let me try her crepe and it was very tasty, as it had melted cheese in it. After lunch we went back to Kristy’s house to see Julien and hang out for a bit.  It was a really nice day and I was happy to Kiki again, I think my mummy missed her best friend.

Lunch with Kiki, teaching me how to write my name on the table.

Over Christmas we were supposed to visit Robyn and Chris, but sadly Robyn was very sick over Christmas and spent her Christmas in Hospital.  Then everyday we were meant to go down to see her, daddy had to work.  So we finally got a free day on Sunday to drive down to the New forest and visit.  Robyn and Chris have moved into a lovely house right in the country side.  When we arrived we had a little look at the view and I think mummy and daddy wanted to go for a bit of a hike and adventure but they wore the wrong shoes.  Robyn and Chris have mountain bikes so once mummy has her own bike with a seat for me, I think we might visit again for a mountain bike ride, it looked like there were lots of fun tracks around.  Robyn and Chris were very excited to see me and I showed them how well I can get around their house.  I also practised standing on my own with no help from anything or anyone.  I didn’t do too badly but I my bottom is a little tender after falling most of the time. We went out to a pub for lunch and I refused to eat any of it.  Mummy didn’t have any cheese either so I wasn’t the happiest of babies.  Luckily daddy couldn’t eat all his burger and shared his burger bun with me. I had a nice time visiting them and I really like the countryside, so I hope we visit more often, especially when I can walk and own a pair of Wellies (gumboots).

Robyn and Chris xx

What a week!!

H x

Night at the Museum


We are already a week into the new year and I have been a bit slack with the blogging.  Mummy passes on her apologies as we have had daddy home for a couple of days so instead of spending our time on the computer we have been hanging out with daddy and doing some fun things.  I like having him home with us, he is lots of fun and always makes me laugh.  He pulls silly faces and he plays games with me.  He is the best daddy in the world, I am so lucky.

So whilst he has been home, mummy and I have been showing him what we get up to in the day.  Since our internet has been fixed we don’t spend any time in Starbucks anymore, ok I lie, mummy still gets a coffee on the occasional day but we don’t have to spend hours down there.  So we have more time to explore Chiswick and find new activities and adventures.  Mummy has wanted to take me to the playground up the road  for some time now as she noticed there was a swing set that I would be fairly secure in and thought I would enjoy it.  I used to have a indoor swing when I was born, G Nan and G Dad bought it for me and daddy said it was my favourite toy, I used to fall asleep in it.  Well mummy wasright (as usual), I loved the swing! To top it off daddy was the first one to push me for my first swing ride. Daddy pushed me  on the swing whilst mummy took photo’s.  I loved it! It was so much fun and I wasn’t scared at all, infact I think daddy could have pushed me a little higher.  Unfortunately mummy and daddy didn’t dress as warmly as me, so we didn’t stay too long just long enough for me to decide I like them very much and I hope mummy will take me to the park more often in the future.

Higher daddy, Higher!

Another day daddy had off we decided to walk up to Brentford Leisure Centre and visit Softplay.  I have been a couple of times with my friend Reese and her mummy Natasha, but this was daddy’s first time.  I am not sure who had more fun! I had just woken up from a nap so at first I was a little bit sleepy and didn’t do a lot in the ball pit.  Daddy tried to bury me with all the balls and I just layed there and let him do it.  Then mummy thought it would be a good idea to climb to the top and take me on the slide to liven me up and in another area that I can climb up and around.  She thought it would wake me up a bit, again she was spot on! So we climbed all the way to the top, I even climb the soft stairs on my own (daddy was behind me ready to catch just in case I slipped on a step).  I got to the top and had no problems at all.  At the very top of the Softplay tower there are these giant frogs and a big mushroom, this is my favourite part and I definitely livened up when I saw them.  I quickly crawled around the mushroom to hide from daddy, then he played a chasing game and we went round and round the mushroom a couple of times, I almost caught up with him.  Then we went down the slippery slide and although it was quite steep, I wasn’t scared I laughed the whole way down.  I am a brave little girl.

So I mentioned a surprise the last time I blogged.  Mummy should have unveiled it by now, but I won’t get too mad at her just yet.  She has been working hard on it and unfortunately due to complications with Windows Movie maker, it’s not quite ready.  She had completely finished it and was quite proud of herself (daddy had a private screening and gave it a thumbs up) and as computers are not always the most reliable especially when your working on a project,  our program has done just that, FAIL!  It has decided after we had put everything together, that it doesn’t recognise half of the videos we have added, even though we converted them into a format especially for the windows program…. blah blah blah, sorry about the boring tech talk (I am a daddy’s girl afterall).  So obviously our surprise is not a surprise anymore, it’s a little video of me, but what is you get to see is previously unseen footage of me in 2011.  I hope we can sort it out ASAP becuase the movie mummy has put together is kind of cool.  I hope you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer, it’s worth the wait as mummy has been saving up some great videos especially for this project.

At the moment we have my daddy’s cousin visiting London.  He has been travelling for months now and I am not going to lie, but he looks like he has been backpacking around the world.  Uncle Luke is having an awesome time but has forgotten to bring a razor with him on his travels, so when I saw him for the first time since I was 5 months old, I got quite a shock! His hair is longer and his face is hairy, so it took me a little while to warm up to him but once I did,  I wanted to play with him all night.  He wears these cool wooden bracelets on his wrist and he lets me play with them.  Mummy never lets me play with her jewellery.  Last night Uncle Luke and his friend Damo came over for dinner and to watch the football with daddy and I got to stay up a little later and watch a bit of the football aswell. It was good game and an even better result! Liverpool were the champions with a 5 – 1 result.

Today we met up with the boys in a very strange place.  I am not going to lie to you, I was a scared most of the time.  We visited a very large building in South Kensington called the Natural History Museum and it is filled with giant skeletons and animals.  At first it wasn’t so bad as I was safe with daddy in the baby bjorn.  Daddy makes me feel safe even around those huge giants, which everyone was calling Dinosaurs. There was one dinosaur in particular I didn’t like, the T-Rex.  There was a giant model of his skull including his big sharp teeth and mummy told daddy to put me up near his mouth for a photo. I didn’t mind looking at him from down below in the baby bjorn but as you will see from the photo getting a closer look was the scariest thing I have ever done.

Please don’t not feed the T-Rex

Once I got over that little incident I was quite happy looking at all the other animals.  In the mammals and reptiles area, we saw a life size blue whale and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was HUGE.  It was about 4 times the size of omi and poppy’s boat, which made me worry, I hope they never run into a blue whale when they go outside in the open waters, he might think their boat is a tic tac.

The HUGE blue whale

Another less scary Dinosaur

I think I hear something coming up behind us

After the museum we walked to Harrods for a quick look.  Uncle Luke didn’t know about Harrods and who owns it until mummy sang the rap that Muhummad Al Fayed sang with Ali G.  She wasn’t very good but I think they knew what she was talking about.  Daddy and the boys were really looking forward to another German Sausage for lunch at Winter Wonderland in Hyde park but unfortunately it was already closed and was getting packed up for the year, so we had sandwiches at Pret instead. Mummy recently bought some outrageously silly boots the other week, she has had this voucher for LK Bennet for 2 years and really want to use it up especially whilst they had a sale on.  She found some nice boots but damn they are high, not the best choice of footwear for a mini tour around London.  We went home after our sandwiches, mummy slowly hobbled home feeling very sorry for herself.

Tomorrow the boys are going to a Chelsea game so it’s a girls day for mummy and I however I think mummy is going to be busy in the kitchen daddy put in a request for the 6 hour pork roast and poor Luke and Damo hasn’t had a home cooked meal in months.  I hope I get some this time!

H x

2011 – The year of Adventure


What a big year 2011 has been for me and my family.  I never expected to do and see so much in the first year of my life and that is why this year was ‘the year of Adventure’.

When I arrived in February I was so surprised by how many people were there to shower me with cuddles and love. I had lots mummy’s family and friends and all of daddy’s big family came down to Sydney to see me. My first few weeks were very busy with family and friends and my first photoshoot with Aunty Kylie, she took some gorgeous photo’s which you will see.

I had my first road trip when I was just over 2 months old, we drove up to Coffs Harbour to visit my Oma for a few days then we carried on further up the coast to the Goldie to visit all the Stanley’s.  This was the first time mummy and daddy left me for a night, G Nan and G Dad looked after me whilst mummy and daddy went to an Engagement Party for Joel and Kez.  They had a really good night and I was such a good girl.

In the months to come I went sailing, went to a few birthday parties, met lots of new mummy’s and babies and applied for my first passport.  Mummy and daddy had a wedding in England in September and decided to go for a holiday beforehand in Italy.  Mummy and daddy used to live in London before I came along and they both missed it very much.  As much as they loved being close to family and enjoying the warmer weather they missed London and decided to move back.  After one more visit up north in June and lots of sad farewells in Sydney we boarded our Korean Air flight to Milan.  I really enjoyed my first long haul flight but I was relieved when we landed in Milan.  We had the most amazing time driving around Italy visiting all the major cities for two weeks.  The weather was ridiculously hot and I struggled in the heat sometimes but for the most part I was a little angel.  I had my first swim in the ocean and my first tastes of Gelato (thank you daddy).

Next stop was England. After Robyn and Chris’s beautiful wedding we moved into a nice flat in Chiswick.  Mummy joined lots of activity groups so we could make some new friends, it didn’t takes us long as I love to meet new people and my mummy is fairly chatty too.

London is our now new home, although Australia will always be our real home.  Since moving here I have learnt how to eat proper foods, crawl, clap, wave, give kisses, stand and walk around the coffee table and say ‘dada’ and ‘mum’.  I am learning new things everyday so it is a pretty exciting time for me at the moment, I like to copy what I see. I have also had my frist Christmas, it was amazing but I am not so sure about that Santa guy! My next big event is my first birthday (less than a month away)!

Mummy says this year has gone so quickly and we have done so much she wanted to look back on how much I have grown up already and so we put together this movie.  I hope every one enjoys this little movie, with lots of home video’s she has filmed over the year and pictures from our adventures.

Thank you everyone who reads my blog, I have so much fun writing it and my new years resolution is to write a blog at least once or twice a week.  This year has been a very busy first year and I know mummy has plenty of exciting things planned for 2012, I hope you will continue to join me in my adventures of Harlow Stanley.

Lots of Love

Harlow xx

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all my friends and family around the world.  I miss and love everyone in Australia and I hope you all celebrated the new year in style.  Mummy is working on a surprise for my New year’s post but we just wanted to quickly wish everyone a happy and healthy 2012.  To everyone in England and the rest of Europe, I look forward to spending the year ahead in this Northern part of the world with you, I have a feeling year 2 of my life is going to be just as fun and exciting as 2011, if not better.

Has anyone made any New Years resolutions?

H x