2011 – The year of Adventure


What a big year 2011 has been for me and my family.  I never expected to do and see so much in the first year of my life and that is why this year was ‘the year of Adventure’.

When I arrived in February I was so surprised by how many people were there to shower me with cuddles and love. I had lots mummy’s family and friends and all of daddy’s big family came down to Sydney to see me. My first few weeks were very busy with family and friends and my first photoshoot with Aunty Kylie, she took some gorgeous photo’s which you will see.

I had my first road trip when I was just over 2 months old, we drove up to Coffs Harbour to visit my Oma for a few days then we carried on further up the coast to the Goldie to visit all the Stanley’s.  This was the first time mummy and daddy left me for a night, G Nan and G Dad looked after me whilst mummy and daddy went to an Engagement Party for Joel and Kez.  They had a really good night and I was such a good girl.

In the months to come I went sailing, went to a few birthday parties, met lots of new mummy’s and babies and applied for my first passport.  Mummy and daddy had a wedding in England in September and decided to go for a holiday beforehand in Italy.  Mummy and daddy used to live in London before I came along and they both missed it very much.  As much as they loved being close to family and enjoying the warmer weather they missed London and decided to move back.  After one more visit up north in June and lots of sad farewells in Sydney we boarded our Korean Air flight to Milan.  I really enjoyed my first long haul flight but I was relieved when we landed in Milan.  We had the most amazing time driving around Italy visiting all the major cities for two weeks.  The weather was ridiculously hot and I struggled in the heat sometimes but for the most part I was a little angel.  I had my first swim in the ocean and my first tastes of Gelato (thank you daddy).

Next stop was England. After Robyn and Chris’s beautiful wedding we moved into a nice flat in Chiswick.  Mummy joined lots of activity groups so we could make some new friends, it didn’t takes us long as I love to meet new people and my mummy is fairly chatty too.

London is our now new home, although Australia will always be our real home.  Since moving here I have learnt how to eat proper foods, crawl, clap, wave, give kisses, stand and walk around the coffee table and say ‘dada’ and ‘mum’.  I am learning new things everyday so it is a pretty exciting time for me at the moment, I like to copy what I see. I have also had my frist Christmas, it was amazing but I am not so sure about that Santa guy! My next big event is my first birthday (less than a month away)!

Mummy says this year has gone so quickly and we have done so much she wanted to look back on how much I have grown up already and so we put together this movie.  I hope every one enjoys this little movie, with lots of home video’s she has filmed over the year and pictures from our adventures.

Thank you everyone who reads my blog, I have so much fun writing it and my new years resolution is to write a blog at least once or twice a week.  This year has been a very busy first year and I know mummy has plenty of exciting things planned for 2012, I hope you will continue to join me in my adventures of Harlow Stanley.

Lots of Love

Harlow xx


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  1. Wow wow wow
    That was soooo good ,really proud of your mummy Harlow ,you are a very lucky girl to have such adventures in your life ,and such a clever mummy and a fun Daddy who just adores you,we can see how much fun you are all having and that makes it a little easier to be so far away.
    Looking forward to the next installment
    Lots of love hugs and kisses
    Omi and Poppy

  2. Hi Harlow just have to say again what a great video Mummy sent for us all I was so pleased Aunty Tina And April were at Nans house when mummy sent it, we were all looking at it together, it made G Nan and G Dad have a tear or two, my how you have grown up you will be walking very soon, Tell Mummy she did a great job of the video, and we look forward to your next one lots of lovevG Nan G Dad xxx

  3. You’re as cute as a BUTTON, Harlow. It’s been great following your adventures. Ray and I can see that you have settled into the ENGLISH WAY of life but I guess you are bound to have something about LONDON in you!

    Your mummy and daddy are doing a good job of looking after you and making sure that you grow up into a very cosmopolitan young lady.

    Lots of love Always
    Ray & Sally.

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