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London to Salzburg via Verona.


You may be confused by the title of this post, because if you know your geography then you would know Verona is in Italy and Italy is not on the way to Salzburg. In fact Italy is much further south and a whole other country. So knowing that fact you might have presumed we somehow managed to stuff up somewhere in our translations and got on the wrong train – you would be correct! Getting to Munich was the easy part, finding the train at Munich airport, also easy. We even made it to the right platform for our connecting train but this is where it all went pear shaped. We got on a train 10mins too early and instead of Salzburg we were on our way to spaghetti central. Not realising this at the time and putting all my trust in my mum, I played for a little while and then innocently fell asleep, hoping that when I woke up I will be getting cuddles from my Oma. Instead mummy realised when we stopped at Innsbruck that something wasn’t quite right however the next stop was Brenner; 40mins away an on the very edge if the italian border. What to do???
We got off at Brenner and waited 30mins for the next train to Innsbruck, mummy hadn’t eaten all day but luckily I was fine as she always over packs with snacks so we had some time to kill before our 2hr journey back in the right direction – destination Salzburg. Mummy enjoyed some good German beer and a delicious chicken which she shared with me. Finally we boarded the correct train and mummy sweet talked her way out of paying for the ticket as she explain her silly mistake, I think they felt sorry for me and just let it go. I wish I had one of those T-shirts that have an arrow pointing to mummy and reads “I am with stupid”. I like the Austrian trains they go so fast, I think our train maxed out at 140km/h, so the trip back in the right direction didn’t seem so bad but I couldn’t wait to see my oma and have been practising saying “hi oma”. I was pretty sure since we were on the correct train nothing else could go wrong, right? Well, almost.
Yay we were in Salzburg all we had to do now was find oma. We had an address and hoped to jump in a taxi and arrive at our final destination with no worries. One more hurdle – the taxi would not take us without a car seat so we had to find a bus. My goodness what a nightmare, by this time it was 8pm and we had been travelling for 12hours! It actually only takes 13 hours to drive, I think that might have been a better option. After reading this blog you might be questioning my mothers intelligence but I can assure you that blond mop on her head is just a disguise. She cleverly worked out which bus and stop to get off on and we finally made it to Tante Inge’s house and I leaped into Oma’s arms as soon as I saw her.
So we are finally here but the wifi is not that readily available so I will probably have to blog about my awesome trip to Salzburg when I return on Friday.
H x








Long lost family reunion


Mummy and daddy had a night out on Friday, they went to see the Black Keys at Alexandra Palace so I was left with my Uncle Luke and his friend Reese.  I was such a good girl, mummy had fed me and I was ready for bed by the time they left for their gig.  Uncle Luke gave me my bottle and I went to sleep and didn’t wake till morning.  I think they must have had the easiest babysitting job ever!

On Saturday night there was more Birthday celebrations but this time it wasn’t about me anymore. We went out to Morden to Lucille and Henry’s place, their parents were hosting two parties, an earlier one for Henry’s 3rd Birthday and a later – adults only one for Henry’s daddy; Jason. There was an Olympic theme to the party so daddy dressed up as a cyclist and mummy was all dressed up to compete in an equestrian event.  As I also own a lovely pair of leggings that look like rjodhpurs I joined mummy in the equestrian theme.  I think we looked fantastic.  Jo organised a nanny for the night so all the adults could party and have a few drinks whilst we were being taken care off.  I think mummy and daddy indulged a little too much as they were both looking a bit rough the next morning.

Sunday was a very special day.  My G Nan and G Dad are English, they were born and raised here and still have a lot of family living in the UK.  Unfortunately when they moved to Australia many years ago they lost contact with all of their family.  Daddy had been looking on and was hoping to get back in contact with some of the Stanley’s and nan’s family in London.  Nan had been collecting all the family details, dates of birth, names etc for daddy and out of the blue she recieved a letter from the Red Cross.  Her brother Albert had been trying to find her for years and they had finally tracked Nan and Gdad down.  So Nan called up Albert and they reunited over the phone.  Nan was so excited she let us know Albert’s details and Daddy contacted him to arrange a time to meet up.  Daddy was really happy as he really wanted to meet more of his family.  Uncle Albert and his wife Brenda were going to come along to my birthday party but sadly the snow made it too difficult and so we organised the following Sunday.  We met at the same Pub as my party and had a really yummy lunch.  I was such a good girl and got lots of cuddles from Brenda and they bought me such a lovely outfit for my birthday (I am so spoilt!).  Daddy and Luke were really happy to finally meet Nan’s brother after all this time.  Unfortunately mummy didn’t feel well so she had to go home during lunch but Daddy, Luke and I really enjoyed ourselves and spent the afternoon catching up.  What an interesting and fun day! We are so lucky as uncle Albert invited us to one day visit them on their property in Sussex.  I heard they have cows and some cottages so it would be a really fun farming weekend. Silly mummy forget to get some photo’s before she went home so we promise to get lots when we meet up next.

The rest of the week has been fairly quiet other than a little free trial day at the Little Gym. Mummy took photos here, it was so much fun.  Lots of soft mats to crawl around on, we practised walking and climbing which I am very good at, we also played with some balls and popped some bubbles.

Stay tuned as we are off to visit Oma in Salzburg next week.  Mummy will hopefully find the time to blog everyday we are away.

H x

Playing on the balance bars at the Little Gym
Ball work

Race you to the top! climbing up Mat hill

I love climbing through tunnels.
This little gym is tiring, might just take a nap on this ball.

Birthday week


It’s official! My age is finally a real number, I am one. I had such a nice birthday and to be honest it has felt like my birthday everyday for the past week.  Daddy has mentioned that mummy really likes birthdays and tries very hard to make her birthday last for as long as she can get away with, I like her thinking and so I have taken a leaf out of her book and had a birthday week.

I have been so lucky, lots of people have been so generous and bought me presents.  Thank you so much, I love all my new clothes and toys. My wardrobe has doubled in size and I love it. I am spoilt for choice now and love helping mummy pick out my new outfit for the day.

Wednesday was a very exciting day, my Omi and Poppy bought me swimming lessons for my birthday but sadly the term is too far into the season so we have to wait until next term after Easter.  I was a little bit sad but mummy took me swimming anyway and Uncle Luke came with too.  It was a little bit cold getting in and out but I love the water.  I am a real water baby kicking around and trying to put my face under the water and blow bubbles. We tried to take pictures but we got in trouble from the lifeguard.  I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time.  I am hoping mummy takes me more regularly during the week, so when my classes start I can show off how good I am.  I can’t wait till we have a summer holiday and I can go swimming in the beach again.

Thursday was my real birthday and I had such a fun day.  Daddy got me out of bed early and gave me big kisses and hugs.  Once he left for work mummy and I snuggled in bed and slept in a little bit longer.  We had planned to meet up with Natasha and Reece and spend the day at a HUGE softplay centre called Gambados.  We met Natasha and Reece at the tube and then caught a bus to Chelsea Harbour.  Mummy knew exactly where to go as she used to catch the same bus when she worked in Chelsea Harbour. Gambado’s was AMAZING!!! It was so big I didn’t know where to start bu Reece showed me exactly where to go.  It’s funny because mummy was so excited for my birthday but when we got to gambado’s she told them my birthday was the next day – I think it had something to do with paying but it was very confusing for me, as I was wearing my birthday outfit again, I was sure my birthday was today.  Anyhoo we got in I went straight to the ball pit.  I am really confident in there now and I bury myself in the balls and throw them at people.  Then I climbed the soft wall all the way up to the top to slide down the big slippery dip.  It was so much fun! There are three sections you can play in, there are also dodgem cars and a tea cup ride.  Mummy was having an awesome time as well, she felt like a big kid again.  I think I want my birthday party here next year.

After Gambado’s mummy and Natasha walked to the pub to get some burgers for lunch, it was literally around the corner and Reece and I were asleep almost immediately, all this birthday fun is exhausting!!

H x

Lets get this party started!