Lets get this party started!


I know it is a little bit early but I had my birthday party yesterday and it was Faboosh!!!  (aka fabulous) My Birthday is actually on Thursday, which isn’t far off.  We have a busy week and weekend ahead so mummy thought that was the better date to celebrate.  Turns out it was! I can’t believe one year has gone by already, it feels like only yesterday I came into this world quietly and very sticky, looking up at my handsome proud daddy and my very exhausted but happy mummy. I thought back then I was the luckiest girl in the world and now I know how lucky I really am.

Yesterday was amazing! I have been to a couple of parties when I lived in Australia so I knew what ‘partying’ was all about. I think this was the best so far, I promise it wasn’t just because I was center of attention.  Mummy had done very well planning everything, even my outfit which was my favourite part.  She bought me a full pink pettiskirt and had a top handmade just for me.  The top had a big pink number 1 in the middle with my name and cupcake.  It was perfect! She also had a lovely headband but I didn’t like wearing that, I think daddy had it in his pocket most of the day.

I am a very popular girl, all my friends came out to celebrate with us.  Our flat is very small so we had to organise the party elsewhere.  On Fridays after Hartbeeps we usually have lunch in a pub called the Crown and Anchor.  It has a great area in the back which you can privately book out for parties, which is what we did. It was perfect! As usual mummy was running late and she totally blamed me as I didn’t want to go down to sleep when she wanted me too, in my defence I was really excited as they had been telling me all morning it was my party day! The real reason we were late becuase mummy was still putting macaroons together as we were walking out the door.  The night before it snowed for the first time since have moved to London.  It looked amazing and I really wanted to go out and play in the snow and eat it, however we were in too much of a rush and I have grown out of my snowsuit so mummy didn’t want me to get cold and wet. She promised I will see more snow very soon.

Anyhoo we finally arrived to my party 5 mins late and mummy still had to set up.  Luckily because of the weather everyone was a teeny bit late which mummy was very relieved about.  She had a whole vintage sweet shoppe theme planned out which took a little bit of time to set up. She had bought lots of lollies in cool jars, made letter shaped cookies that spell out my name, macaroons in 4 different flavours and a Giant birthday cupcake! She had been very busy for the last two days.  She also made some decorations, bought lots of balloons and set up a play area for all the kiddies.  I am so lucky all of my little friends came to celebrate with me, Henry and Lucille, William, Emelia and Charlie and Reece.  I must also mention that all my little friends parents came and so did my big friends – Kristy and Julien, Jo and Paul and Rae.  A few people couldn’t make it because of the snow but sent my mummy birthday messages for me.  I am the luckiest girl in the world, all my favourite people were at the party and we all had so much fun.

At one point everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and I tried to blow out some candles.  I didn’t know what to do with them, so mummy and daddy helped me.  I had never had cake before and underneath all that coloured icing was a delicious chocolate cupcake…YUM!!!! I LOVE CAKE! Just when I thought the day was over and I could have a nap, mummy showered me with lots of presents that everyone had left for me. My goodness I am so spoilt!

It was such a fun day, I think mummy took lots of photos to share with you all.

Thank you everyone who came along to celebrate the first year of my life.  Most babies share this day with their family but all of mine lives in Australia.  I miss them very much but I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends that help make days like this really special.

I am still not walking (I have 4 days till my deadline though so don’t count it out just yet!) however I did something incredible on the morning of my party – I did my first weewee in a potty!  With this huge milestone done and dusted, I am going to conclude that I am no longer a baby, I think I can offically call myself a Toddler! What do you think? Can I be a toddler already, even though I am not walking yet?

3 more sleeps till my official birthday.

H x


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  1. Hello my precious girl, wow it looks like you had an awesome time at you 1st Birthday party I wished I was there too.. but never mind Im glad you had mummy and daddy and lots of friends to celebrate it with, I so love your outfit it looks so cool.. the pretty pink tutu is so gorgeous, just like you, did mummy let you have some of the other birthday treats or was that only for grown ups.. mummy is very clever for all the baking she did, you certainly got lots of gifts I hope you have received mine as well… I will miss giving you birthday hugs and kisses on your special day but I suppose mummy and daddy’s hugs and kisses will make up for it anywaz, love and miss you lots and lots my soon to be big 1yr old grandbaby xxxxxooooo

  2. Hi Princess
    Wow Wow Wow, you sure look like you had a fun time,and yes you can be called a toddler now,but you are still our precious baby girl .
    Sooooo proud that you were a big girl and did wee wees on the potty, you might be a clever girl like your mummy she was out of nappies when she was 1 year old, I am sure it won’t take you long to work it out as you are a clever little girl as well.
    Wish we were all with you to celebrate your first birthday, it was a special day the day you were born, did mummy tell you that I was there when you were born, I still remember the look of love in your Daddy’s eye’s when he held you for the first time, it bought tears to my eye’s to see so much love, it was a very special moment and I felt very lucky to have been allowed to be there,(Thankyou Mic and Al)
    I hope your birthday on the 9th will be a fun day as well, hugs and kisses to you all, we wish we could give you cuddles through skype, sometimes I just want to jump through the screen to give you kisses and hugs..
    Love you lots Kisses
    Omi xxx

  3. hi Harlow what a great party you had for your 1st birthay, how cute you looked in your tutu, I loved the Top Mummy had made for you with your name on, you all looked so very happy, G Nan G Dad wished we could have been there To, to give you lots hugs kisses and once again what a great job Mummy did with all those sweets and cakes and photos for all of us to see, in Australia, we love seeing all your blogs. Give Daddy and Mummy our love,to lots love hugs kisses G Nan G Dadxx

  4. Wow. What a party, Mummy did a really wonderful job with everything, I think you must be the luckiest 1 year old in England. We all wish we could have celebrated with you, Brianna & Ava would have loved it too. I’m glad it all went well and that you and everyone had a great time. Have a wonderful Birthday today. We love you & miss you all. Love from Aunty Mel XXX

    • Thank you Aunty Mel. I had a wonderful party and my mummy was great, she loves to spoil me. I wish I could have celebrated with my family as well, I miss you all very much. Thank you again for my beautiful dress, top, shoes and hair clips. I love them all. I wore my dress already to another play gym day, I was the prettiest girl there. xxx

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