London to Salzburg via Verona.


You may be confused by the title of this post, because if you know your geography then you would know Verona is in Italy and Italy is not on the way to Salzburg. In fact Italy is much further south and a whole other country. So knowing that fact you might have presumed we somehow managed to stuff up somewhere in our translations and got on the wrong train – you would be correct! Getting to Munich was the easy part, finding the train at Munich airport, also easy. We even made it to the right platform for our connecting train but this is where it all went pear shaped. We got on a train 10mins too early and instead of Salzburg we were on our way to spaghetti central. Not realising this at the time and putting all my trust in my mum, I played for a little while and then innocently fell asleep, hoping that when I woke up I will be getting cuddles from my Oma. Instead mummy realised when we stopped at Innsbruck that something wasn’t quite right however the next stop was Brenner; 40mins away an on the very edge if the italian border. What to do???
We got off at Brenner and waited 30mins for the next train to Innsbruck, mummy hadn’t eaten all day but luckily I was fine as she always over packs with snacks so we had some time to kill before our 2hr journey back in the right direction – destination Salzburg. Mummy enjoyed some good German beer and a delicious chicken which she shared with me. Finally we boarded the correct train and mummy sweet talked her way out of paying for the ticket as she explain her silly mistake, I think they felt sorry for me and just let it go. I wish I had one of those T-shirts that have an arrow pointing to mummy and reads “I am with stupid”. I like the Austrian trains they go so fast, I think our train maxed out at 140km/h, so the trip back in the right direction didn’t seem so bad but I couldn’t wait to see my oma and have been practising saying “hi oma”. I was pretty sure since we were on the correct train nothing else could go wrong, right? Well, almost.
Yay we were in Salzburg all we had to do now was find oma. We had an address and hoped to jump in a taxi and arrive at our final destination with no worries. One more hurdle – the taxi would not take us without a car seat so we had to find a bus. My goodness what a nightmare, by this time it was 8pm and we had been travelling for 12hours! It actually only takes 13 hours to drive, I think that might have been a better option. After reading this blog you might be questioning my mothers intelligence but I can assure you that blond mop on her head is just a disguise. She cleverly worked out which bus and stop to get off on and we finally made it to Tante Inge’s house and I leaped into Oma’s arms as soon as I saw her.
So we are finally here but the wifi is not that readily available so I will probably have to blog about my awesome trip to Salzburg when I return on Friday.
H x









About Harlow London Stanley

With a lot of help from my mummy, I am writing this blog to help my friends and family stay in touch with me when we move to London in a few weeks. I am going to miss everyone and I am not very good at writing emails and I can't talk yet, so skype can be difficult. So we thought this would be the most fun way for everyone to see what I am up to. At the moment I am almost 6 months old so there are few big milestones ahead of me, teeth, crawling, walking and talking are just a few that I hope to master this year. All of my family will be home in Australia and will miss these amazing moments, so I promise to post them with pictures, videos and little diary entries as soon as they happen.

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  1. My my Harlow, you have become a well travelled little girl, the adventures your having are fabulous, flying and traveling in fast trains you must be having a great time, I’m glad mummy and you got to Oma’s safe and sound , mummy must have been a little scared alone in a big country.. Anyway my little princess hopefully by the time you get home your pressie from me will be waiting for you, love and miss you lots and lots, Nanny Mindy xoxoxox

  2. Hi Harlow what a great time you are having with Mummy on trains and planes, you looked so grown up sitting by window, all smiles, I bet you got lots of hugs kisses from Oma ,you have done such a lot of traveling for a little girl, and you are so good for Mummy and Daddy lots love Hugs Kisses G Nan G Dadxxxooo

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