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Weekend in the Country


Salzburg – Day 3


We had seen so many sights of Salzburg in the last two days and Tante Inge loves to shop so she had mentioned earlier in the week that Oma had to take us shopping for a belated birthday present. I am a lot like mummy, I love new clothes but am not always a fan of shopping.  I am stuck in my pram for hours and mummy gets more excited over the clothes than I do.  I love presents and I love to have nice new clothes but shopping would not be at the top of my list of fun things to do.  Luckily Oma and mummy like to shop and we only had a limited time in the mall.  We made a beeline for Zara and H&M as they have the best kids clothes.  It was the most successful shopping trip ever!! We found so many nice things for the summer, Oma had to stop mummy at one point otherwise she would have put the whole shop in the basket!  I got very spoilt and couldn’t wait to show off my new clothes to Tante Inge.

We met two of Tante Inges friends at the hospital and had planned to have a nice Austrian meal at a guesthouse. They were very nice people and made lots of silly faces at me.  I do attract lots of attention where ever I go, and lap it up as best I can. Unfortunately there was a little bit of a language barrier which bothers mummy more than me, since I can’t speak anyway.

This lovely guesthouse had some very yummy things on their menu. Oma once took my Aunty Melissa on a big trip to Salzburg and oma said that where ever they would go, my aunty would order the dumplings.  I had to get myself some of these delicious dumplings, they were definitely the talk of the trip. Mummy could only compare them to Opa’s but she was very excited for the experience.  I am not going to lie to you, I was more interested in the roasted tomatoes but they were very yummy.  I guess I just wasn’t that hungry.  Mummy didn’t mind, she gobbled them all up and ate some of Oma’s dinner aswell! She really likes Austrian food.

You would think any ordinary person would be full after these dumplings but not my mummy, she ordered a huge traditional Austrian dessert.  This dessert was something special, It reminded me of the Alps that surround Salzburg they were that big. The Salzburg Nockerl is 3 large peaks of soft meringue, but with a texture a little bit like a souffle. It is very sweet and it sits on a bed of yummy warm red fruit sauce and dusted with icing sugar.  On the menu it said it is served for two, but I think mummy totally underestimated it’s size.  It was HUGE! The photo’s don’t even do it justice. This dessert was almost bigger than me! Luckily everyone at the table had a bit of a crack at it.  I tried a little bit as well, not bad but I think it was the kind of dessert daddy would love.

Today was our last day in Salzburg and I think we finished with it a bang at this guesthouse! We had such great weather the whole time and wonderful, delicious food.  Best of all we saw my oma and I met my Tante Inge.  I am so lucky to have my Oma show us all around the city she grew up in, it was the best trip ever. I really hope we go back and next time perhaps daddy can come too.

Thank you Oma for such a great few days, I will never forget it and either will mummy. We were very sad to leave but I know we will see you again in a couple of weeks.

H x