Salzburg – Day 2


Day Two of Salzburg was even more exciting and fun than the first, believe it or not.  When my mummy was little she used to watch a movie called ‘Sound of Music’.  It is about a nun (Maria) who works as a nanny for a wealthy widowed man and his seven children. At first the children are quite difficult and naughty but in the end they love Maria and even the dad falls in love with her. It was filmed in Salzburg and you can take tours around Salzburg to see where scenes where filmed, including the house they lived in. The most famous part is when Maria sings ‘The hills are alive’ on this large hill over looking Salzburg and our plan today was to catch a bus up to that very hill.  The only difference is that it was filmed in the summer and that very green grassy hill was now covered in snow.  This would be my first proper experience in that very cold white stuff mummy keeps banging on about. I saw a little bit once on my birthday party in London, but I never had a chance to play in it.

In the morning we visited Tante Inge, but she was just as excited for us to have our adventurous day, so it was only a quick visit.  There was a lovely nurse who took a liking to me, she took me all around the hospital to visit all the residents.  I got to see some very friendly faces but I couldn’t understand a word they were saying.

Sadly we missed the morning bus to go up the hill but don’t worry, Oma had a backup plan and there was an afternoon bus. A traditional Salzburg thing to do for lunch is to visit this little cafe by the Salza river, and eat an Austrian version of Fish and chips – which is actually much yummier instead of chips you have potato salad. It was a beautiful sunny day so it was perfect weather for fish and potato salad by the river. As it was still morning we had a few things to see before lunch and the bus stop just so happened to be next to a very important building called the Mirabell Palace.  This huge white building surrounded by manicured gardens (beautiful and bright in the summer) was built in the 17th century by an Archbishop. The history is not necessarily why we found it so important, the reason being is, it was the place my Oma and Opa got married.  They married in the most beautiful room, the registrar office, which sounds a bit plain at first but once you see it you think very differently.  It is such a beautiful room, possibly the most prettiest registrar office in all of Europe, it was stunning and I couldn’t think of a nicer place to get married. I think that might have been one of the best parts of the trip, I know mummy was especially happy when she saw it, but it made her miss her Opa very much.

I remember when we were in Venice I saw all these padlocks on the bridge, well the Austrians have done the same thing on the bridge over the Salza river. Mummy took an opportunity to get some photo’s of the river and of the three of us. We didn’t have a lock with us, so next time when we bring daddy I think we should add to the bridge and make a memory. After a quick walk down the main street of the old town, we went for lunch and I loved the fish and potato salad. I couldn’t get it in my mouth fast enough!

Once our tummies were full we walked around the other side and we saw the shop my Oma done her Hairdressing apprenticeship and the pub that Oma and Opa celebrated their wedding. It was really special visiting all these lovely places.  We are so lucky to visit when Oma is here to show us these things, it made our trip even more special than any other trip we go on.

Finally it was time to catch the bus up to the Sound of Music hill.  It was a steep ride up and the whole place was blanketed with snow.  There is a lovely restaurant at the top so mummy and oma planned to have a yummy pastry and hot mug of Gluhwein whilst I played in the snow however it didn’t go all to plan.  I put on my thick, warm snow suit so I was snug as a bug and then they plonked me in the cold white snow! I was not a fan at all. Mummy said our whole family loves the snow and they all ski on it in the winter in Australia. She also mentioned that at the end of the year we will be going on a ski trip with Omi and Poppy….. I am not so sure I am looking forward to that now. I was not a fan of this snow stuff and mummy and oma tried their very best to convince me it was fun.  Once they gave up I was much happier and sat in my comfy, dry and warm pram whilst they enjoyed their afternoon snacks, looking at the alps and over Salzburg.  The view I have to admit was spectacular! I had some of the Apricot pastry which was a lot like a huge donut with homemade apricot jam in the middle, it was delicious.  I am so glad mummy is being a little less strict with my food and letting me try some naughty sugary goodness on the odd occasion.

I was exhausted on the way back so I slept all the way home.  So far I had two amazing and unforgettable days in Salzburg. I am so lucky to get to see different cities and visit the places where great grandmother grew up. I don’t think there are many babies that can say that, they had a personal tour from their Oma in her home town on the other side of the world. What a lucky girl I am. Thank you Oma for making our trip so special, I had the best time and we still had one more day……

H x


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  1. hello intrepid travellers, just another tick on your itinerary of life, looks very cold in the snow though nothing a ferrocious little cub can’t handle. michelle, that registry office looks like a palace, it truly is beautiful, give your oma my love and lots of kisses to the little snow cub. x
    PS LOVE catching up on your escapades and keep them coming. will ray and i see u in greece?

    • Hi Michelle and Harlow, so glad you were able to visit Elsa in Salzburg and no doubt cheer her up no end. It is such a lovely place, we have only seen it ln the autumn so far and the postcard Elsa sent the other day looked really freezing, much as I love the snow. No doubt Harlow will get to enjoy the snow when she is a bit older and able to start skiing, that’s when she will realise what tremendous fun it can be! We are all missing Elsa here in Brierfield and look forward to her coming home hopefully before too long. Must check out Harlow’s birthday.

      • Hi Anne and Arthur,

        Thank you for your message, it is so lovely to hear from you. It was so much fun to see Oma and see all the places where she grew up, it made it so much more special for us. It was so funny to see Harlow in the snow and not like it, I really thought she would love it. I am sure when she is older she will love it just as much as the rest of the family. At the end of the year we will be going on a huge skiing holiday with mum and dad so I hope she likes it then. Glad all is well back in Brierfield. Thanks again for your commments, its great to see you enjoying Harlowsbeat. xx Michelle, Al and Harlow.

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