Walking on a dream


The moment you have all been waiting for


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  1. That is just beautiful. Go Harlow!!! The best bit Michelle is how much prettier dresses look now haha. We miss you guys xxx

    • Hi Kristy and Cora,

      Thanks, she is still a little unsteady but has been getting more confident in the last week. I turn around and there she is trying to walk on her own. I saw how clever Cora is on a clip on facebook, what a great little dancer!! I love putting Harlow is dresses now, they don’t look like tents anymore! hahahaha. We miss you guys aswell. xx

  2. Yay Harlow you very clever little girl, Nanny’s so proud of you, look out mummy and daddy here she comes lol, your mummy is so clever puting all this together I loved watching it over and over again, love and miss you so much my precious girl, xoxoxoxox

  3. Harlow G Dad and I have just been watching you walking in park with Mummy and Daddy and G Dad and I were all smiles when we saw how good you are getting, what a clever little girl you are, and how good is Mummy with her videos can’t what to show it to uncle Luke, Tina and April. Lots Love G Nan G Dadxxxooo

  4. hi Harlow how cute you looked in all those lovely photos Mummy has put on, G Dad and I loved them all, So lovely yo see you having fun with your little friends. Lotsl love G Nan G Dadxxxooo

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