Summer in the City


We have been blessed with early, warm summer days here in the city of London.  We even celebrated the first day of summer (daylight savings) with a balmy 22 degrees!  London is not really known for its warm weather so when out of the blue, we get an amazing day over 20 degrees everyone flocks to the park and sheds their layers. Mummy and I are noafraid to say that we did exactly that, we joined the masses and have spent nearly two weeks making the most of this beautiful warm weather.  Sadly we have checked the weather forecast and it looks like today will be the last of the heat wave so we can only hope that this week especially was just a taste of what’s to come this summer.

So how have we been making the most of this delightful weather? Well, it’s best I show you in pictures but mostly we spend our mornings and afternoons catching up with friends in the park, playing on all the swings, building sand castles in the sand pit in Ravenscourt park and feeding the ducks at the duck pond. The best part of this early summer is that I get to wear all my new summer clothes I got for my birthday.  I love to wear dresses now I am much bigger.

In Chiswick there are quite a few parks to choose from and the other week we discovered Ravenscourt Park, which seems to be a babies wonderland.  There are four different areas suitable for children, with swings, slippery dips, sand pits and all sorts of other fun equipment.  My favourites are the wobbly bridge, slippery dips, swings and the sand pit. There is also a nice cafe full with cakes and ice creams which appeals to mummy.

I have mentioned my mate Charlie who is half Australian.  At the moment our mummies are trying to teach us some Aussie words like ‘G’day mate’, in fact I think there is a little bit of competition who is going to say it first. Charlie and his mummy Sarah are so much fun, they only live up the road so we see them quite a bit. We have been catching up a lot whilst this weather has been so nice, enjoying picnics and playing with each others toys.  The other day it was our friend William’s birthday so Charlie, Amelia and myself joined William in the park for a little birthday picnic, it was such a beautiful day.

However life here isn’t all picnics and lapping up the sunshine.  Our time in Chiswick is slowly coming to an end, we have to pack up our temporary studio flat move in May.  So when we are not picnicking and playing on the swings, mummy and I have been very busy flat hunting.  Sadly Chiswick is a very expensive area so I don’t think we will be able to stay here near my new friends as Mummy and Daddy are trying to save to buy our own house, so we are looking in cheaper areas and trying to find something with a garden and  my own room. Those of you in Australia probably don’t realise how much of a mission this is, gardens are big and plenty back home. Cheap flats with a garden in London is a bit of an oxymoron. However, mummy doesn’t give up easily and is determined to find something cheap with a garden near a tube line (not asking much is she?). Although I get a little bored in my pram trekking all over the south-west, some times it has been quite fun.  The other day I got to play with a friendly cat and on most tube rides I am the centre of attention.  It surprises mummy how funny strangers are with cute babies, the other day I had almost the whole carriage smiling at me and pulling faces.

All this time spent outdoors means I have been getting in lots of walking practise.  I am still quite wobbly but I am definitely improving. Thank you for all your kind messages from my walking video, mummy and I am so glad you enjoyed it, and we love all the comments you leave. The only other news I have for you today is a little update on what new things I have learnt. I am getting very good at waving and saying hello to every person I see I on the high street. I also say ‘bye’ a lot. When we walk in the park and I see a dog I bark but mummy thinks it sounds more like a grunt. I also try my best to say bird but again mummy isn’t very good at understanding me.  I also try my very best to say Duck, quack, mum, dad, bubbles, button (these words actually do come out sounding like the words) and I say Uh-oh when I fall down or drop something.  Mummy has been trying to teach me some sign language but the only thing I have picked up on is ‘finished’. I put my hands together and rub them, like I am dusting them off.  I use this sign when I have finished my food, or when I have finished on the potty. My potty training is coming along quite nicely, although I can’t communicate to mummy when I need to pee or poo, she manages to catch me at the right times. Pretty much every time she puts me on there, I manage to leave a little surprise which makes her beam with pride, I think she is a little weird getting so excited about wees and poos. I am also getting quite cheeky and have taught myself how to throw a mini tantrum, climb up on the coffee table and make really loud noises when I am bored.  Lately I point at everything I want, especially my book shelf, one might say I am a little obsessed with my books (in particular a book about a certain hairy monster). Now that I am trying to walk alot more, mummy makes me wear shoes and when I pull them off, I try to put them back on again or throw them out of my pram.  Last but not least I have more teeth, I am growing those big nasty ones at the back, three have already come through and I am not overly joyed that the rest want to make an appearance aswell.

I know you all like seeing my photo’s so I hope you enjoy the gallery I have put together of us enjoying this amazing weather.

H x


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