Guess who’s back??


Have you missed me??

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post! The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy but not in the fun way that I usually have.  After my last video I posted about walking, I have improved a great deal, infact these days walking is my preferred choice to get around London.  I can’t believe it took me this long to work it out, walking is so much easier and faster than crawling.

In a less than two weeks we have to move out of our little studio flat so we have been spending our days searching high and low, all over London for a new place to live.  We have been so busy with flat hunting that I haven’t had a minute to blog and have been very quiet on skype as well. I can’t remember how many flats we saw but it was a lot, more than I can count on both hands and feet. Towards the end mummy was getting very frustrated and sad that she couldn’t find the perfect flat.  Finally after looking in Southfields, Wimbledon, Balham, Tooting and even Morden mummy and daddy decided they didn’t want to leave Chiswick.  We have made so many new friends and there are lots of lovely parks and kid friendly places to eat, we never want to leave Chiswick. The only problem is that Chiswick is so nice, everyone wants to live here, which means it’s very expensive. Luckily mummy found something on the other side of chiswick (she won’t admit it’s actually Acton, but the postcode unfortunately confirms this).  This place is so lovely, I get a room all to myself and we have a nice little backyard. I can’t wait to help mummy decorate my new room and play in the garden. Daddy has promised to buy me all new toys becuase I will have so much more room to play with everything as long as I promise to keep my room tidy.

The other great thing about our new flat is that there is a spare double bed for all our family and friends to come and visit.

Other than flat hunting, we have also had some other fun days, but I will tell you all about it later this week.  For now I just wanted to post a quick message to let you all know I haven’t disappeared and to show off this little video of me walking.  Mummy filmed this today as it was the first sunny day in over 2 weeks.

H x


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  1. Oh Harlow you clever little girl you look so cute walking, did you climb up the slide or did mummy help you, slides are so fun, that’s great news that mummy has found a new flat and you have your very own room I can only imagine all the new toys that daddy is going to buy you and how mummy is going to decorate it I wonder what colour scheme mummy has planned, what’s your favourite colour Harlow could it be pink, I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done, Nanny tried to Skype you but you must have been out with mummy, never mind hopefully you’ll get to meet your cousin Jordy and see Ashton and Savannah on Mothers day as I’ll skype you then, missing you lots and lots and sending lots of love and hugs my darling girl, Nanny Mindy xoxox

  2. Hi Harlowv what a cleaver girl you are it was lovely to see you out walking in sunshine. G Dad and I had to smile as we watched you get yourself of the slide what a little cutie you are, we look forward to getting your posts and seeing all new things you have learned, give our love to Mummy and Daddy lots love hugs. Kisses G Nan G Dad xxx

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