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Summer in the city


Summer has arrived early in London and we are lapping up every ray of sunshine. Sadly I haven’t been well in the evenings but I seem to be happy enough during the day. I guess I am a bit like mummy and don’t like to waste a nice day even if I am not feeling 100%. I have taken it a little easy though, we didn’t go to swimming lessons or rhyme time, we mostly made use of our new garden and had Punic lunches. One day we even met up with daddy after work and had a picnic dinner at the common. It was so much fun!! Summer in London is awesome. Today mummy took me to a school fete at one of the parks here in Chiswick. Charlie joined us and we watched a band, played with the ball and had a little water fight under the tap. I was so exhausted I fell asleep o. The way home do I have plenty of energy this afternoon. We are meeting up with mummy and daddy’s friends and having another picnic in the park. Tomorrow daddy had a very exciting idea, so stayed tuned and I will let you in on our secret if all goes to plan.

H x









Slip slip slap!



We are making the most of our little garden and the nice weather. Mummy and I had a picnic and now I am playing with my blocks. I hope daddy finishes work early so he can join us.

H x

The big move


Living in London has already been very exciting for me since we moved here about 9 months ago, now we are moving into a new flat with a garden, I think it’s just about to step up on the fun-o-meter! We have a lovely little garden in the new flat so mummy and I are going to get our hands dirty this summer! Now I am big enough to help, we are going to do the garden up nicely and plant some fruit and vegetables, pretty flowers and some herbs.  Daddy has also promised heaps of new outdoor toys and promised me lots of BBQ’s.  The other great thing about our new flat is that I get my very own room, no more sharing with mummy and daddy, i can finally get some peace and quiet to myself.  It’s so great!! I also have a spare king size bed in my room for any visitors –  you can all start packing your bags now!

Mummy has promised to take photo’s of the place once we have unpacked everything and bought a couple of extra bits of furniture to make our rooms look nice.  Mummy has already chosen out some nice colours and different things to make my room extra special.

The weather has turned around this week and summer has arrived! We never know how long nice weather will last, so we take advantage of every ray. On Monday we went for ice-cream and played in the park with my friends William and Charlie.  Charlie is walking now, so he can keep up with me around the park.  I like to wonder around and run off to play with the bigger kids and any ball I can find, Charlie can now chase me around.

My swimming lessons are coming along nicely, it’s my favourite day of the week.  I practise blowing my bubbles and kicking my legs everytime I am in the bath.  I am not scared of going under the water and am really showing up these other babies. I don’t think it will be long until I move up to the next level. I hope I get to go to the sea at some point this year and practise everything I learn at swim school.  The other day mummy put floaties on my arms and let go and I just paddled and kicked my way to the side of the pool. Not bad for two weeks of lessons?!

Any hoo it’s way to sunny outside to sit in and blog, so I am going to go find a ball and have a kick about.

H x

Ready for my swimming lessons



Come on mummy!!! I had my second ever swimming lesson today. Last week I laughed an smiled the whole through and everyone called me a water baby. This week I was the star of the show, when the teacher told us to blow bubbles like a fish for old macdonald, on cue I blew my first bubbles in the water. Everyone was very impressed. I love kicking and splashing in the water, it so much fun. At the end mummy put some funny arm bands on me and let go and I swam all by myself. I think mummy should take me swimming on the weekend do I can show daddy how good I am.

H x

My first visit to the Aquarium