My first visit to the Aquarium


Now that I am walking, this has opened up a whole new world of adventures.  Mummy doesn’t take the buggy out as often as she used to, so I can stretch my legs and walk around.  Everything looks different from this level and it is much more interested being able to walk up to something and touch it.  Instead of mummy walking past the bushes along the path, we stop and explore the leaves, pat puppies and try to chase the pigeons.  When we are in shops I like to pull things off the shelf and walk up to random people and say hi. On the tube it’s like I have my own stage and I am the main event.  I wiggle and squirm until mummy gives up and takes me out of my buggy or off her lap and then I walk all around the carriage and work the crowd.  I love to have an audience and I really show of my skills, waving, smiling, walking and blowing kisses.

Mummy and daddy are so proud of my newest milestone, to celebrate we went to the Aquarium a couple of weeks ago.  It was my first underwater adventure.  I had seen fish in books and on TV but they are much more entertaining in real life.  I had heard recently that my poppy had been stung by a sting ray and was in a lot of pain so when I saw a friendly sting ray playing peek-a-boo with me I was a little bit scared however, daddy reassured me and after a while I thought the sting ray was rather cute and was very good at playing peekaboo. He would get down low to the bottom of his tank where we couldn’t see and then all of sudden he would shoot up as fast as a rocket and smile at me. He was a funny sting ray.  Our friends Rae and Craig joined us. Craig loves an underwater adventure just as much as I do (maybe a little more).  He took lots of photo’s of all the colourful fish and the scary sharks. There are some strange looking creatures in the sea, some were a little scary, others were bright and colourful but my favourite were the penguins.  They looked like they were having so much fun jumping in and out of the water and sliding on the ice.  I hope I can swim as good as them one day. Mummy has promised to take me to swimming lessons very soon.

After the aquarium we took a walk around London, along Embankment, through Trafalgar square all the way to Chinatown in Soho.  All that walking made us work up an appetite so we had some sushi in one of the restaurants.  I was lucky enough to have my first Japanese food experience. After seeing all the pretty fish in the Aquarium I wasn’t to keen on trying any of mummy’s sushi, if you ask me I thought it was a little bit cruel of her to eat them so Rae Rae shared her noodles with me. They were delicious!

On the way home we stopped in at M&M world in Piccadilly circus, it was the most colourful place I have ever been! I was so buggered after such an adventurous day I fell asleep on the tube.

H x


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  1. Wow Harlow you have been busy since you have started walking, it’s great fun isn’t it, your not a little baby any more but a toddler and you have been making the most of your new achievement, I love visiting aquariums as I love all the colourful fishy’s and of course the big fishy’s too, your mummy dresses you in some pretty little outfits, is daddy growing a mustache or did he forget to shave his top lip lol… I can just imagine you on the tube being the centre of attention coz that’s what your daddy was like very friendly with other people.. Oh well my darling, Nanny will sign off for now untill next time, love and miss you heaps my little princess… Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Hi Harlow
    sounds like life is one big adventure, and you are the main attaction.We have a wonderful Aquarium in Sydney so when you come to visit we will take you there with your cousins Brianna and Ava it will be lots of fun.
    You looked so cute in the pictures and it looked like you had a lovely day
    Keep well and safe and have fun moving into your new home
    Bye for now princess
    love Omi and Poppy

  3. Hi Harlow what a lot of fun you had out with Mummy and Daddy in London, you looked so grown up walking with Mummy and Daddy G Nan and G Dad loved the Photo of you with the giant M. We look forward to seeing more updates. When Mummy has time, Lots of love hugs kisses G Nan G Dad.xxxooo

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