Ready for my swimming lessons



Come on mummy!!! I had my second ever swimming lesson today. Last week I laughed an smiled the whole through and everyone called me a water baby. This week I was the star of the show, when the teacher told us to blow bubbles like a fish for old macdonald, on cue I blew my first bubbles in the water. Everyone was very impressed. I love kicking and splashing in the water, it so much fun. At the end mummy put some funny arm bands on me and let go and I swam all by myself. I think mummy should take me swimming on the weekend do I can show daddy how good I am.

H x


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  1. Hi Harlow
    Omi and Poppy are so pleased you are having lessons ,because when you come back to Australia you can swim in our beautiful beaches, your cousin Ajai goes to nippers and is leaning all about the surf ,so one he will be able to teach you all about the Aussie surf.
    Ps unlike England we have beautiful sandy beaches with lovely soft Sand not hard pebbles that hurt your little tootsies
    I always new you would swim like a fish as your mummy is a fantastic swimmer so you will be a water baby like your mum
    Have fun swimming and remember to kick kick kick
    Love you little fishy
    Omi xxxoooxxx

  2. Oh Harlow you clever little girl your gonna be a water baby just like your daddy was, I love your swimmers they look so cute on you, love you very much my darling girl, xoxox

  3. OMG Harlow you looked so very cute. Posing in your swimming costume, you really do love having your photo taken,Mummy does a good job of all photos she takes, G Dad and I Love seeing them all, what a cleaver little girl you are getting . lots of love hugs kisses G Nan and G Dadxxxooo

  4. Hello little fishy
    I always knew you would be a good little swimmer and water baby,just like your mummy was ,she loved to swim when she was a baby too.
    I’m so glad you are having lessons ,because when you come for a visit ,we can go to the beach our beaches have lovely soft white sand they are the best in the world,and your cousin Ajai goes to nippers so he will be able to teach you all about the surf and beach
    Tomorrow I will watch Ava at her ballet lessons and she is coming for a sleep over then we will go to Briannas birthday party ,we wish you could magically come for a visit it would be lots of fun to have all three girls together
    You looked very cute and grown up in your cosi and remember to kick kick kick in your lessons ,and splash your mummy lots
    Love you lots
    Lots of kisses from Omi and Poppy

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