Daddy’s summer surprise


Last post I mentioned that daddy had a surprise for us, well that surprise was a trip to the seaside!

The lovely clients that daddy has been working for, talked about a sandy beach about one and half hours drive from London. Daddy was very interested and since we had the very nice balmy 30 degree days, I don’t think there was a better idea in the house.  If we were back in Australia we wouldn’t have had to drive so far but we love getting in the big blue van and putting on some tunes and driving to a new destination.  Most beaches here in England have pebbles rather than sand so mummy and daddy were very excited about seeing this particular beach.  Here when the beaches have sand it is not normally golden, it’s usually a dark brown colour – not very nice if you ask me. So when we arrived at West Wittering beach we were very happy with what we saw…. A long stretch of golden sand and nice fresh blue water.

It was the most perfect day, mummy dressed me in a seaside themed dress.  This dress was a little bit special as they bought it when I was still in mummy’s tummy.  They knew I was a girl and they saw this gorgeous little dress hanging in a vintage shop in Bellingen.  Mummy couldn’t resist buying it and only now I finally am big enough to wear it.

So when we arrived I got straight into the sand and played with it.  Mummy and daddy set up our little area and popped open a bottle of bubbly. I ran around and fell over a billion times, sand was all in my mouth but I was loving every minute of it.  We had delicious bacon and egg sarni’s and chips for lunch, which was a real treat as mummy doesn’t let me have that naughty stuff often.

Whilst we waited for our tummies to settle from our big lunch, we played in the sand a little more and build some sand castles, then it was time to get in that nice cool water! Mummy spent 5 years in England before I was born and I think she only visited the beach 2 or 3 times but out of those she never went in the water.  Today was so warm and the water was very inviting, so we all got in and I showed daddy how much I love the water and what I learnt at swimming lessons. It was amazing, so refreshing! Daddy was very proud of how well I blew my bubbles and kicked my legs.  I wasn’t scared of the waves either, I just wanted to go out further and further.

To top the day off I had a little nap in our sun tent and then we had ice creams on the way home. YUMMM!!!

It was the most amazing day and I am so glad daddy had the idea to take us to the beach. I only hope that we get some more days like that so we can visit West Wittering again and bring my friends.


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  1. Beautiful. Now it’s our turn to be jealous of your sunny weather!!!
    Such a cold summer/ spring here we never got to the beach!!
    You made the right decision to go to England 🙂

    • Hi Cora, Kristy and Clay,

      We miss you guys!! I think we got a bit too excited about the weather too early as June has been rubbish. Heres hoping we have a lovely warm July.
      How have you been? I am digging Cora’s little pigtails and cute little outfits. I wish my hair would grow faster!!
      Let us know if you guys are on skype so we can chat.
      Lots of love
      Harlow (michelle and Al) xxx

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