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Stone the crows


Summer in London


The weather outlook for this week is WET!! Not much fun for a little girl like me. Thankfully mama has these magical boots for me to wear in the rain. My feet don’t get wet and she plays a game with me. We look for these things called puddles and we jump in making a big splash. The best part is that my magical boots keep my feet dry. However I am a little bit confused, sometimes mama calls them Gumboots and other times she calls them Wellies. Maybe you can help me, what do you call these magical boots?

H x


My first Haircut


The best part of being a girl is that I get to do lots of girly things, like go shopping with mama and of course treating myself to a bit of pampering at the hair salon.  Last time I went to the salon and I have to admit I was not the best behaved little girl that I usually am, but to be fair I wasn’t the one getting the special treatment, mama hogged all the pampering for 4 HOURS!!! No wonder I was bored.  So I heard mama was due to go back to the salon very soon, something I was dreading.  She is there so often I think it was time I got in the hot seat.  I was happy to find out that Daddy was taking me out whilst mama was in the salon, music to my ears.  What I didn’t guess was that when we went to pick her up, she let me have my time to shine.  I was taken a little off guard and hadn’t planned this at all.  I always thought my first Salon experience would be just like mama, sipping on my babycino, flicking through magazines finding just the right style.  With no preparation at all and no thought to the look I wanted to achieve and walk around with for the next few months, I had to leave it in the stylists hands.  Some would say I was crazy but I think she did a great job on mama’s hair, so how bad could it turn out?   It was a sad moment to say goodbye to my little curls at the back but as cute as they were, they were also the beginnings of a great mullet, something that doesn’t bode well here on the streets of London. So here it is, the clip of my first haircut.

H x

Supposedly this is summer


The last two weekends we have visited two different summer fairs in Chiswick. They have been fun but I wouldn’t call them a ‘summer’ fair. Today’s fair was wet and rainy and last week it was windy, I wish the weather would make up its mind and realise its July already!! Luckily rain and wind never puts mummy off taking me out and about. I had my very first bouncy castle experience today and love it! Not a lot scares me yet. What did you do this weekend?

H x





Cat whisperer



We took a trip to Clapham today to meet Rafferty Clarke. He is so teeny tiny and lovely, mama had lot of cuddles but I was more interested in Rafferty’s pet cat Luca. Luca doesn’t usually like kids but I worked my charm and next thing he was cuddling up to me. Shame we are not allowed pets in our new flat because I would have loved to take Luca home.