Cat whisperer



We took a trip to Clapham today to meet Rafferty Clarke. He is so teeny tiny and lovely, mama had lot of cuddles but I was more interested in Rafferty’s pet cat Luca. Luca doesn’t usually like kids but I worked my charm and next thing he was cuddling up to me. Shame we are not allowed pets in our new flat because I would have loved to take Luca home.


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  1. Hi Harlow
    So lovely to hear from you,
    That pussy cat looks so cute ,nearly as cute as you ,cherry would be happy to give you lots of cuddles as well
    Love Omi xxxx

    • Omi,
      Mummy said you have met Luca. She is mummy’s old flat mates kitty cat. Ellie had a gorgeous little boy Rafferty, so we went to see him and give him lots of cuddles. To be honest, he was a little small for me to play with so I chased the cat around.
      love you

  2. Awww Harlow what a lovely little pussy cat you are holding there, your Nanny Mindy loves pussy cats, She had one just like the one you have there and his name was Oscar there’s a funny story about Oscar just ask Daddy about what he and his brothers and sisters did when Oscar went missing and found a similar pussy cat what they brought him home in.. It was so funny.. Anywaz darling girl sending much love and kisses Nanny Mindy xoxoxoxox

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