June Roundup


June has been a busy month for our little family of three.  At the end of May we had some lovely weather for one week, which took us to the beach, then it all went suddenly down hill and we had a very wet and cool June.  However  little bit of rain and wind doesn’t stop mummy and I from having fun!

This is a big and exciting year for England, we have the Olympics coming up and earlier in the month it was the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The Diamond Jubilee marks a celebration of 60 years in reign, what a trooper!  The Jubilee weekend was a four day weekend of fun and festivities.  On Sunday over 1,000 vessels participated in a flotilla on the Thames from Battersea to Tower Bridge. It was one of the largest flotillas ever assembled on the river, with rowed boats, working boats and pleasure vessels of all shapes and sizes beautifully dressed and turned out in their finest rigs.  We were lucky enough to go up to ITV studios located right on the Southbank with our friends Natasha, Eddie and their little girl Reese.  We were on the 16th Floor so we could see all the boats coming from a miles away. It was very exciting, mummy dressed me in Blue and White to support the Union Jack colours. It was such a fun day and although the Queen was a teeny tiny dot on the boat, I had my first official sighting of the Queen.

We have settled nicely into our new flat.  Although we still need little bits of furniture we are pretty much all unpacked and comfortable. Mama has been watching The Block Australia so she is very inspired to make our flat look cool.  We have had a few sunny days so we have had a few chances to play in our garden. Mama and dad have promised to buy me lots of garden toys to make it a little bit more fun for me.  It’s also a bit overgorwn so I need to kick mama in the butt to clean it up. I don’t think she has green thumbs but I will help her as best I can.  I love my new room and can’t wait to see who will be my first visitor to have a sleep over. I have a lovely king size bunk bed in my room so anyone want to visit?

Daddy had his first English Father’s day (and second ever). Mama and I went shopping for a BBQ during the week but it was so big and heavy we couldn’t get it back home in the Taxi to hide it in the Garden shed.  So we paid for it and took daddy to B&Q after a yummy full english brekky. He was happy to get his BBQ, now we just have to be patient and wait for a beautiful sunny day to throw a couple of prawns on the barbie.

Daddy and I have been watching the Euros but we were both very disappointed when England got knocked out.  The rest of the summer will be soccer-free which will be good news for Mama.

My swimming lessons are coming along nicely and I had some great news the other week, at the end of the term I will move up into the next level.  To be honest it wasn’t much of a surprise as I am the best in the class! I blow the biggest bubbles and make the biggest splashes when I kick.  I am learning how to paddle my arms and my favourite part is jumping off the side of the pool and going underwater.  I can’t wait to see what I learn in the next class.

Mama has found a new activity for me to do on Thursday mornings, it’s called Twisters and it’s in the local church.  It’s like a little gymnastics class.  Last week we had an obstacle course to complete as much as possible and as we went around the lady made the balance beams higher and higher.  I wasn’t scared at all I enjoyed walking along the beam (with mama holding my hand).

This month has been a little different than usual, as mama has started her new job.  She works 2 hours a day and two of those days she has to go to her bosses home office to work. On these days I get looked after by a lovely hungarian lady Anita.  Mama was a little worried when she left me on her first day but she had nothing to worry about.  I am not scared of strangers in fact, one might call me a people person or a little social butterfly.  I love new people and Anita is lovely, I really like her accent.  I am so lucky mama found someone so nice to look after me and hopefully mama and daddy will have a date night soon so she can hang out with me one evening.

We have also had a few birthday parties and new arrivals. I need to give a shout to little Charlie Larner and Rafferty Clarke, welcome to the world boys! Well, I think I covered everything this month and hopefully mama will help me blog more often over the next few weeks. She has some great videos she needs to upload for me  and some pretty pics, so stay tuned.  We are also coming up to our first blog Anniversary, I wonder what surprises mama has in store for us.

Bye for now

H x

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  1. Hello my gorgeous girl, my you have been busy having lots of fun going to the park, beach and seeing the Queens Silver Jubilee celebrations, and you also have graduated to the next level in swimming class, you are so clever, I can’t wait to see more pics and video’s of you, mummy and daddy.. Keep on having fun, love and miss you lots and lots my little Harlow xxxxxxxooooo

    • Hi Nanny Mindy,
      It was so lovely to chat to you the other day and see my cousins. We have been super busy and once the weather clears up I think umy has even more fun things planned.
      Love you and miss you
      Harlow. xx

  2. Nice to catch up Michelle, GREAT to hear that life is FANTASTIC for the little family STANLEY.,!!!xoxRay and Sally

    • Hi Sally and Ray,
      We were all so sad we missed you when you were here, but it sounds like you had an amazing trip and hopefully you’ve got the bug and will visit again soon. We now have a nice place for you both to stay so your welcome any time. Fingers crossed the weather will clear up soon and we can enjoy going outside. Mummy has a zoo trip planned and I think we are going on another road trip soon, so stay tuned. Miss you all and all of your gorgeous puppies. I wish I was allowed to bring CherryG over here.
      Lots of love Harlow xx

  3. Hi Princess
    Looks like you life is one big party, such an exciting year to be in London ,did mummy tell you that one of the girls she used to train with has made it to the Olympics ,her name is Erin I hope you get to watch her race in the triathlon .
    Looks like the way you are going with your swimming you will be as good as mummy one day ,she is a very good swimmer
    Missing you lots and we hope to stay with you when we isit for xmas
    Love Omi and Poppy xxxx

    • Hi Omi,
      I can’t wait for you and Popeye to come and see us at Christmas. Mummy is starting to look for fun things we can all do together.
      Mummy has mentioned Erin and we will try our best to get to the triathlon and cheer her on.

      • Hi Harlow
        We are looking forward to all the fun things we will do together ,also looking forward to going tobogganing with you in Austria ,we will have such a lot of fun together
        Love you princess xxxx

  4. Hi Darling Harlow it was great to see all lovely photos of you Mummy and Daddy it lookes like you are having lots of fun with your little friends and I expect Mummy has a lot more fun things for you to do with all things going on in London,glad to hear you are doing so well with your swimming lessons. You are such a clever little girl. Lots love Hugs kisses G Nan G Dadxxxxooo

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