Supposedly this is summer


The last two weekends we have visited two different summer fairs in Chiswick. They have been fun but I wouldn’t call them a ‘summer’ fair. Today’s fair was wet and rainy and last week it was windy, I wish the weather would make up its mind and realise its July already!! Luckily rain and wind never puts mummy off taking me out and about. I had my very first bouncy castle experience today and love it! Not a lot scares me yet. What did you do this weekend?

H x






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  1. Hi Princess
    Even if the weather wasn’t the best it looks like you had lots of fun ,poppy and Omi are off to the snow for a few days , we are looking forward to skiing in Austria with you ,the ski school looks so much fun it looks like a kiddie wonderland you will have a lot of fun
    Love you Lots xxxx Omi and Poppy

  2. Hi Harlow it lookes like you are having lots of fun even if weather is not to good I love your Jacket you look so grown up in it, G Dad and I love all photos and. Videos that Mummy and Daddy send to us all, it good to see you playing with your little friend Charlie. Lots love hugs kisses G Nan G Dadxxxooo

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