Stone the crows


Mama bought some vintage suitcases on ebay to make our flat look pretty but they were in a little town called Nunney which is near Bath.  Usually Mama only buys things around London because she doesn’t like to make daddy drive us around on his only day off. But daddy didn’t mind this time as we planned to make a day of it and he had fun the last time we went to bath, the only thing we were waiting for was a nice day.  This Sunday was perfect, the weather has finally cleared up here in London and we were ready to go – after a quick breakfast stop at Starbucks of course!

Along the way, we noticed signs to Stone Henge, so mama suggested we stop and I have my first English heritage experience.  A few years ago daddy and mama took Oma ad Opa to Stone Henge on the way back from Bath (our day trip in reverse), but unfortunately mama didn’t time it that well and it was the same day as the Summer Solstice. This meant it was closed for the day so people could clean up after the summer solstice festival.  Luckily luck was on our side this time and the only thing we had to worry about was trying to get a good picture minus the hoards of tourists in our shot.

It was very windy and these days I am not really interested in smiling for the camera, so I just ran around and around and around the very large rocks.

Stonehenge fun facts:

When I usually post ‘fun facts’ I actually tell you about real facts but it seems to me that Stonehenge is one big guessing game.  So here is what I know or here is what people have guessed about Stonehenge. 

Fact: It is located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. 

Fact: The origins of the name is taken from the combination of ‘stone’ and ‘henge’, a tribute to the biggest henge in Britain. 

Possible fact or guess: There is no specific evidence about who built the Stonehenge. It is believed that Druids, Greeks, or Atlanteans might have built the Stonehenge.

Guess: Stonehenge was constructed somewhere between 3100 – 1100 BCE.

Either way whether my fun facts are fact or fiction, I had a great time rolling around the grass, letting daddy chase me and smiling occasionally for mama’s photos.

After our fun at Stonhenge we picked up the suitcases from Nunney and carried on driving to Bath.  Mama’s friends Becky (Robyn’s sister) and Will live in Bath, so we met up with them for an afternoon in the beer garden.  It was really nice to see them and Bath was such a beautiful city.  When we first arrived we walked over a bridge that looked over a beautiful park, which of course I wanted to go and play in but we didn’t stop here, we carried on walking along the canal to the White Hart Pub.  Here we stopped for a few drinks and I had some more snacks, a gorgeous little garden. Whilst the adults caught up, I played with my toys, sat on Becky’s lap and picked all the flowers off the pot plants and becuase I was such a good girl daddy shared his ice cream with me on the way home.

Although I had seen some pretty impressive sights today, I managed to stay up and behave myself the whole journey home, but passed out as soon as my head hit the hay. What a day to remember!

H x





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  1. hi Harlow loved photos of you Mummy and Daddy, my how you have grown, I loved the pink bow in your hair G Nan went to stone henge with G Dad a very long time ago, I’m glad the weather is getting better. Lots love Hugs kisses G Nan G Dadxxxooo

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