A little party animal


This month has flown by.  Only weeks ago I was saying how it was coming up to my Harlows Beat anniversary and Mama might have a surprise in store for us, but it has come and passed without so much of a mention …. so just quickly happy anniversary to me!

Speaking of celebrating one year birthday’s, it was my friend Lucille’s birthday at the start of the month. My daddy works for her daddy and it was lovely to catch up with her,her mummy and her brother Henry.  It had been so long since I last saw her and she has grown up so much.  I remember when we first arrived in London and she was only a few weeks old and I was 6 months old, trying to crawl around.  Now she can play with me, it’s so much more fun now.

I had loads of fun at her party, mummy let me have some birthday cake and yummy treats. Here are a few pics from her special day.

H x


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  1. Oh Harlow I love that pretty pink tutu you had on, it looks lovely on you, you look like you were having so much fun at you little friends party, thinking of you always my little princess, lots of love and kisses Nanny Mindy xxxxxoooo

  2. Hello Princess
    I cannot believe you have already been away from us for a whole year,you have grown such a lot ,but we have been very lucky that you have such a clever mummy and that you are such a clever little girl to help your mummy write this blog ,all about your exciting lives in London ,it’s been something that all of us enjoy and look forward to ,so a big thank you kiss to your mummy for helping you with this great blog
    Keep them coming love and kisses to you all

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