Holiday Beat – Salzburg


This is an long overdue blog as Mama’s computer has not been working.  Daddy has finally fixed it though so I am back at my blogging best.

Back in February we visited Oma in Salzburg and we had the best time ever! This time was bound to be just as good, if not better! We got up extremely early on Wednesday morning, we had a red eye flight – ouch! I was such a good girl though and didn’t make a fuss I just went with the flow, I even fell asleep on the plane at one point, so mama got to relax and read her book.

We managed to arrive in Salzburg in good time and without any detours to Italy. Oma was so happy to see me and I was very excited to see her too.  I have grown up so much since our last visit.  Mama is so impressed with how much I am talking and trying to copy everything she says at the moment.  Other big news is that I am toilet training. Mama bought me some brightly coloured big girl pants, they are so soft and comfy – much better than those thick ugly nappies. The first 4 days I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about the pants.  I gave Mama a bit of hard time, I think we bought ten and I went through 6 on my first day! Luckily I am getting the hang of it and even wore them travelling on the plane to and from  Salzburg without any accidents.  I am now on day 9 today and haven’t had to change once. (I can now update this and let you know I am completely accident free and toilet trained.  I only wear a nappy in the night time, which will hopefully change in the next few months).

Back to my holiday…. It was go go go from the moment we arrived.  We took a walk to Hellbrunn, built in 1613-19 by  Markus Sittkus von Hohenms, an Archbishop of Salzburg.  Hellbrunn was only meant for use as a day residence in summer, as the Archbishop usually returned to Salzburg in the evening. Therefore, there is no bedroom in Hellbrunn.  We weren’t there to admire the palace though, it was a beautiful sunny day and the main event at the Palace is the waterpark.  This Archbishop had a great sense of humor and created an amazing waterpark around the castle with lots of trick fountains that would surprise his guests at his command.  One of my favourite creations of his, was a stone table – he would have his guests sit around the stone table on the stone seats and have a big feast, nobody was meant to move from their seat unless he did. Then out of the blue trick fountains would shoot up from the seats and spray everyone except him. The tour guide gave a demostration which we were part of luckily mama sat me at the head of the table where the Archbishop would sit and I didn’t get wet.  Another cool creation of his was a little wooden puppetry theatre that was completely operated by water pressure.  It was really interesting, I kept Oma and Mama on their toes as I just wanted to play with the water and the pebble path.

Later in the day we went to a Beer garden and joined Oma’s friends. I was fairly exhausted by this stage so after dinner I went straight to sleep and didn’t really wake till we got home.

The next day we wandered around the markets in the morning.  All the fresh food was amazing. Berries are my favourite fruit and there was so many different varieties.  Another popular thing that every fruit stall sold were these yellow wild mushrooms.  These mushrooms are called Chanterells and they are delicious, in fact Oma made them for our lunch the previous day.  You will find them on most menus in Salzburg around this time of year.  After the markets we had a little play in the city park – London needs to get a few tips on how to build amazing playgrounds.  the two I visited in Salzburg were the most fun a girl could have outside.  There were so many different things to play on for all different ages. In the park near the flat, I went on the really big slippery dip! Daddy was even scared of it, but I wasn’t. After the park we went to a funny little area full of strange statues, I had fun playing around with them.

Oma took Mama and I to avery nice fancy restaurant that is on top of the cliffs looking over the city.  It has the most amazing view and the food looked particularly special but not to my taste.  They ordered the same meal – Duck 3 ways (duck breast confit, duck liver and shredded duck with cucumber and apple salad).  I had my favourite sandwich – Cheese 1 way. Although I had a pretty interesting morning I wasn’t really ready for a sleep but Mama persisted that I sleep and she walked me around the forest for almost an hour.  After her little bit of excercise, I finally drifted off to sleep so Oma and Mama treated themselves to a very delicious dessert – Zwetschkenknödel (plum dumplings). After our special visit to the gorgeous restaurant Oma took us shopping and bought me a beautiful new dress from Zara and a big Ice cream.  It was such a beautiful afternoon, we couldn’t ask for better weather.  Salzburg is so lively and fun in the summer, there are all sorts of festivals, opera’s and traditional plays that are free in the evenings.  I think Oma will be sad to leave as it such a lively place to live, especially in the summer.

On Friday we had a sad day.  This was the day we were saying our goodbyes to Tante Inge. Mama and Oma looked very sad and nervous most of the morning. I tried to give them lots of hugs and let them know it was going to be ok. I remember seeing lots of beautiful flowers but then Mama took me for a walk and I fell asleep.  When I woke up we were in a restaurant having lunch.  Mama had bought me a new dress to wear which I showed off proudly.  It was a little embarrassing though, as Rosie turned up in the same dress!  Mama joked that we should put a post on my blog ‘who wore it best!’ We had a good laugh about it.  Rosie was so much fun she played with me all afternoon, even though I wasn’t feeling well, she made me smile alot. It was nice to meet lots of Tante Inge’s friends and more of our family – I met my Uncle Gunther for the first time.

Saturday morning I woke to a very nice surprise, Daddy had snuck into the bed I was sharing with Mama. He is so cheeky!! Oma and I had a big day planned as this was Daddy’s first time in Salzburg – there was so much to show him.  The three of us took him all around Salzburg, showing him all the different churches and places oma lived.  I had my first horse and carriage ride, which I loved.  I really like horses, maybe daddy will buy me one when I am older. In the evening we went to a yummy mongolian restuarant, there were so many things to choose for dinner I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to eat. Chicken, prawns, noodles it was all very delicous.  Luckiy daddy filled my plate with all sorts of delicacies and I had a very full belly afterward, which is probably why I didn’t want to go to sleep for Mama.

I was sad to wake up on Sunday morning knowing we were going home in the evening.  I love going on the plane but it sadly meant that it was the last time I would see Oma in a long time.  I love hanging out with my Oma, she really makes me laugh – a proper belly laugh and I was starting to get the hang of the German language.  Mama promises to keep teaching me new german words each week, Daddy is keen to learn as well so we have installed a German app on the ipad. We didn’t sit around and waste the day though, Oma has as much energy as I do and was keen to take us to the top of Salzburg – Mt Untersberg. We caught a cable car all the way to the top! It was an amazing view. Daddy had to put me on his shoulders so I wouldn’t run away, he was a little nervous as we were so high up and there are no fences around the paths. Mummy took the beautiful surroundings as an opportunity to take some nice family pics.  I can’t wait to show you….

After a delicious lunch – Dumplings with a creamy chanterelle sauce ( I ate every last bit of it). We went back to the flat to finish packing and after our sad goodbyes to Oma we caught a taxi to the airport and flew home in time to watch the last part of the Olympics.  We had such an amazing time in Salzburg.  I love seeing my oma, she is so funny, and gives wonderful cuddles, and I have to admit she also spoilt me rotten! Mama and Daddy had such a great time too, Mama misses her Oma already. It was sad to say goodbye but we were so happy that we had the chance to visit Oma and Salzburg twice, once the winter and summer.   Salzburg is a beautiful city and I recommend everyone to take a trip. Of course it won’t be as special or as fun as our trip becuase our Oma won’t be there to show you around.

Thank you Oma, we love you very much.

H x

(Don’t forget to click on the pictures to see the slideshow)


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  1. My god, Harlow has grown up so much guys! She looks like a fun, happy little girl! Keep the pics coming….:) Miss you guys! xox

  2. It looks like you had another wonderful holiday adventure ,and it must have been very special sharing it with Oma and having her as a very special tour guide showing you around the place of her birth
    Big hugs and kisses poppy and I are counting down the days untill we get to see you xxxx

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