Olympic Mania


What a year to live in London! First we had the diamond Jubilee and then from 27th July until 9th September we have been lucky enough to host the 2012 Olympic Games.  It really has been an exciting year to live in London, the city has had the most amazing vibe all summer.   Mama tried to get me involved with some of the Olympic festivities.  The first of which was a BBQ for the Opening Ceremony.  WOW that was really special, did you all watch it?  I was allowed to stay up for a little bit of it but went to bed once the athletes started their walk around the arena.

Unfortunately we didn’t have any tickets to see the events so we made do with watching a lot on TV and going to some of the free events, one in particular was something close to Mama’s heart – the Womens Triathlon.   My mama used to race during her high school years, Omi says she was pretty good at it and trained a lot.  In fact she used to train with one of the girls that was representing Australia, Erin Densham.  That is why the race was so special for Mama.  We met up with Kiki and her brother Michael and found a good spot to see the girls cycle and run past.  My Nanny Mindy sent us lots of Aussie things so Mama dressed us both up, we looked very Aussie! The race was in Hyde park and we watched the nail-biting finish on a huge TV screen that was set up in the middle of the Park.  Erin was doing really well and led most of the run, so we cheered her on all the way to the finish. What a champion, she finished with a Bronze medal, we are very proud of her.

We missed part of the Olympics when we were in Salzburg, but Mama and daddy got back in time to watch the closing ceremony which was just as exciting and entertaining as the opening ceremony.  But Olympic fever wasn’t over just yet, the para olympics were just around the corner and the hype for these games was huge, perhaps bigger than the olympics.  We tried to get tickets for the Basketball but Mama left it too late, everyone wanted these tickets once the olympics were over.  We watched a lot of the events on TV and found the whole thing very inspiring.  The para Olympians are truly amazing.  Well done to everyone that competed, it was fun to cheer on so many different countries, Australia – Our home country, England – the country we live in and where Nan and Gdad are from and finally Germany and Austria for my Oma, Opa and Omi.

H x

Here are a few photo’s from the triathlon day.


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  1. You looked very cute in all your Aussie gear, you have a very exciting life little miss Harlow lots of amazing things to see and do ,mummy told me that you love your swimming lessons who knows one day you might be a good swimmer like your mummy ,they have something called nippers in Australia I think you would make a great little nipper on the beach xxxx

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