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Harlow’s Christmas Wish List


It’s that time of year again and Mummy has helped me put together my Christmas wishlists.  We have all heard how expensive it is to post presents from around the world especially Australia, so we thought this might help, it worked great last year, I got very spoilt – thank you. I think I have been a very good girl this year (and I am sure mummy and daddy would agree with me) so I am really looking forward to Christmas.

Mummy has promised we will get a real Christmas tree this year and I am allowed to help decorate it, I already have two special christmas baubles to hang up.  Omi and Poppy will be here and we are all going to have so much fun.

There are two lists at the moment – Toys R Us (toys)  and Next (clothes). Mummy and I went to the shops and tried on some clothes and played with some toys just to make sure I like everything. Mummy and I went shopping yesterday for a new beanie so mummy took a video of me – I was having fun in the shop.

I have added the links and all the details you will need to access the gift lists:

NEXT – (Clothes) Winter has definitely arrived and I have grown out of all my winter clothes and shoes from last year.  Please note if you purchase from this site, it asks for your delivery address – the only address you will need is our home address. Do not include any Australian addresses as it won’t work, this confused some people last year.

Gift list: 89419347

Password: Harlow

Delivery address:  18 Avenue Crescent London W3 8EP

TOYSRUS – (Toys) Choose the HOME address option on the payment screen.

Mummy and I going shopping next week to buy presents for my cousins and friends.

If none of these items take your fancy, email my mummy and she can offer some suggestions – I can never have enough Raincoats, Wellies, beanies and headbands.

Happy Shopping!!

H x




This month so far is a little more quiet than the last.  At the end of October I had Mummy’s cousin Nicole visit from Germany which was great! She really likes me and gave me lots of attention.  I played with her a little bit and gave lots of cuddles.  She has a friend that has lots of snakes and she was showing me all these cool pictures which should have prepared me for the snake encounter at the farm.  Mummy, Nicole and Daddy went to a West Ham football game on the Saturday as Nicole is a West Ham supporter.  Whilst they were braving the cold and the football hooligans I went to Rae Rae’s house.  Rae hadn’t seen me much over the summer as she has been working in Ibiza – where I am told is a very fun and warm place. She is back now so I asked Mummy and daddy if I can spend the day with her.  She is an interior designer so she has lots of interesting books, my favourite being the Chanel book.  She also took me for a babycino and I had so much fun, I hope I get to spend more days with Rae and her boyfriend Craig.

News this month is that I have acquired an English accent. I sound very posh when I say ‘Mummy’ and ‘My daddy’.  Mummy thinks I picked it up from watching Peppa pig which is my favourite show EVER!

Even bigger news is that Mummy and Daddy bought me a new big girl bed last weekend.  I love my new bed and after 2 nights I was happy to sleep in it. I love the freedom although I don’t think Mummy loves it as much.  Once I finish my bottle of warm milk I sneak out of my room very quietly tip toeing up to the door way into the lounge room where Mummy and Daddy watch TV.  Sometimes they catch me and send me back to bed. I am very proud of my new bed and all my new bedroom furniture, I am a very lucky girl.

Mummy has started talking about Santa and Christmas, and all the shops are lit up with pretty fairy lights.  I remember last year I met the big guy in the red suit, I wonder if I will see him again? Those of you who like to spoil me with presents mummy said she is working on my gift list this week and will post something in the next few days. My Omi and Poppy will be here this Christmas so it will be extra special – I can’t wait!!

H x

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