Urban farm day


Yesterday morning Mummy was planning something fun and different to do rather than our normal Wednesday of coffee in the morning and swimming the afternoon.  At 10am we had a nice surprise, Ellia and her Mummy Louise came to pick us up in the car and we drove off towards Heathrow…. not to get on a plane though.  Right near one of the runways, there is a little urban farm.  Mummy had talked all summer about taking me to a farm and finally we were here.

First up was a meet and greet with some creepy crawlies and some natives from my home country – A Frilled Neck Lizard and a Blue Tongue Lizard.  These guys were fairly tame so once Mummy had me sitting still for a few seconds I got to pat the Blue tongue lizard.  Next up was two Turtles – one big and a little baby turtle.  They moved very slow and didn’t really do much at all.  I patted the little one, and was told to pat it very softly as even though their shell feels hard to us, it is actually quite sensitve, equivalent to the feeling of our finger nails.

The next thing that came out looked very long and slippery.  I really don’t think Mummy liked it as she had her feet up near her chest and wasn’t really paying attention – she was looking out the window.  Ellia was very brave and went right up to the big brown Python but I wasn’t so sure about this one and Mummy wasn’t really encouraging me like she did with the other animals.  When they bought out a second much smaller snake she must have felt a lot better and told me it was ok to touch them.  Last time Ellia was here, she had this little guy around her neck!! I gave him a little pat but I don’t think I am brave enough to do a Britney Spears!

After the snakes we had a little jump on the jumping castle, a ride on a toy tractor and hand fed some very greedy goats.  The goats were actually quite cute except they kept trying to push each other out of the way and one grabbed the feed bag and ate it – I didn’t know you could eat paper!

At the moment I love Peppa Pig.  Mummy has shown me how to find it on YouTube on the ipad and I sit there and watch different episodes. When Mummy hides the Ipad from me I yell at her ‘Piiiiiiig!!!!’ (I can’t say Peppa just yet).  At the farm they had Pig racing so I lost interest in looking at the minature horses and only wanted to see these Pigs! They are such stinky big things, nothing like the cute little pink pigs in my favourite cartoon.  They do make the same oinking noise though which I am very good at mimicking.

I was starting to get a bit hungry and tired so we had a quick walk through to see the other animals before lunch. We saw owls, rabbits, peacocks, Alpaca’s and guinea pigs.  After we fed the ducks at the duck pond with what bread was left after Ellia and I ate most it, we had some lunch.  Mummy took lots of photo’s of the day and I had so much fun, I want to bring daddy back – I don’t think he is scared of snakes so maybe he will put the snake around his neck.  Ellia and I were exhausted and feel asleep as soon as we got in the car.  I had such a fun day

H x



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