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Omi and Poppy in London


Count down to Christmas


London like a tourist


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On Thursday Omi and Poppy’s friends Bill and Lyn arrived all the way from Australia. They are staying with us for a little bit before Omi and Poppy arrive.  They have known my Mummy since she was a very little girl. They used to all go 4WDriving together.  Bill and Lyn have never been to London before so there was plenty they wanted to see and do.  We made a big list of all the attractions, museums and fun things and we decided to tackle things in a group so they got to see as much as possible in the time they were here.  This meant that I got to enjoy being a tourist again. We visited some of the same places as we went with GNan and GDad, I am getting to know my way around this big city.

First stop on Friday was Harrods – Lyn loved all the different things that you could buy. It was her birthday so she was hinting to Bill about buying a very sparkly necklace….. Unfortunately for her I don’t think he got the hints. It’s almost Christmas so all of London is lit up like one big Christmas tree, I think you would be able to see it from space. Harrods and all the big department stores decorate their windows and this year Harrods had a Fairy tale theme, all my favourite stories were there. I think Mummy’s favourite was the Cinderella window which had a beautiful sparkling Louboutin shoe in the window.

Next stop was Hyde Park where we chased squirrels and fed some as well. One came right up to me, he was very friendly.  Last year around this time we visited Santa at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and all the fun things were there again this year.  I eyed up lots of fun rides that I would like Omi and Poppy to take me on when they get here. Mummy bought me a big pretzel which I liked but I was more interested in exploring the rides and walking around which worried Mummy as it was very busy and she didn’t want to lose me, I am very fast.

The sun was starting to go down and we still wanted to visit Buckingham Palace so we walked the rest of the way through Green Park, kicking all the big piles of Autumn leaves until we arrived at the very large Palace.  We all took lots of photo’s and I think Bill and Lyn were very impressed with the Queens residence. They were also very surprised at how quickly and early it gets dark here.  So when we left Buckingham Palace it was fairly dark which made them feel like it was 7pm not 4pm!

Lyn wanted to visit the Ritz which was right next to Green Park station, it was all lit up and looks very grand. So we walked around to the entrance and asked the doorman which direction to go for a hot chocolate and babycino instead of pointing us in the right direction he politely told us that we were not dressed up enough for this hotel and we were not allowed to go in for a drink the only direction we were heading was back out the entrance. Next time Mummy will have to dress me up in a pretty dress, my cute little smiles couldn’t sway him this time.

Feeling slightly rejected we decided to head home and wait till tomorrow for our next big adventure around London.

H x