Count down to Christmas



It’s not long till Christmas now, as I write this it’s only 8 more sleeps till Santa arrives. I have been such a good girl all year for Mummy and daddy that I think he might just come down our chimney on Christmas Eve.  I hope Mummy has given it a good clean!

Last week we still had Bill and Lyn staying with us, it was fun because we visited a few new places that I had never seen.  One day whilst we were walking around central London we found this little fun park in the middle of Leicester Square.  It was all set up for the new release of that new cartoon movie Rise of the Guardians. There was a big trampoline, a snow slide, an Easter maze and a bunch of other fun activities just for little people like me. My favourite was the big Trampoline which I was harnessed to and I was launched high up in the air. At first the man didn’t fling me that high but then mummy gave him a wink and said it was ok, and off I went high up in the sky. I also got to visit a fake snow park and write a letter to Santa and pop it in a special post box.

On the weekend we hired a car and drove to Winchester on Saturday and Windsor on Sunday.  I had fun walking through Windsor castle, admiring all the lovely golden rooms.  One particular room was my favourite, the dolls house it was the size of our kitchen and everything was made of gold and bone china. It even contained a garage complete with 6 different cars – I wonder if we will ever have a big house like that.  Daddy works so hard that I think we will one day.

We waved goodbye to Lyn and Bill on Monday morning and they had a big adventure ahead of them.  They planned to drive all around England and make their way up to Edinburgh in Scotland. It sounds like a fun trip and I am sure they will see lots of exciting things. Bill really enjoys all the history things and Lyn like me, loves to walk.

On Tuesday morning I met my friend Ellia at Kew gardens as we had a date with Santa in his little grotto.  He was very nice and jolly.  I wanted to tell him what I wanted to for Xmas but he wasn’t the knee sitting kind of Santa, instead he sang us Rudolf the red nose reindeer and gave us a badge.  To be honest he looks so friendly and jolly in pictures and even in person he seems friendly enough but I was still weary and a little scared.  My friend Ellia isn’t scared at all and she went right up to him and took the badge – maybe I take my mummy’s advice very seriously and don’t take things from strangers.

Have you posted your letters to Santa?

H x



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  1. Hi Harlow,
    You are a big girl now , hope you enjoy your christmas with Ommi + Poppy. I know they were so excited to see how grown up you now are.I am sure Santa will come down your chimney
    Wishing Mummy+ Daddy a very Merry Christmas, hope Mummy has ben good…
    Heike + David

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