Omi and Poppy in London


My Omi and Poppy have been visiting me for the last two weeks.  They came in time for Mummy’s birthday which was a big one this year – 30! Omi and Poppy arrived on Wednesday 12th December at Heathrow airport at a decent time ( we usually have to get up at the crack of dawn to meet our visitors).  Mummy and I met them at the airport and when they came out I was still asleep but not for long.  Omi had this huge Kangaroo toy and she was chasing me around with it, I was laughing so much.  I gave them both big hugs ad kisses I was so happy to see them even though I was still half asleep. It has been a long time since I had seen them in person, we talk on Skype all the time but the last time I got a real hug was when I was 6 months old at Sydney Airport.

On Thursday mummy had a surprise for them, she had an ultrasound appointment to see my little brother or sister.  She is now 20 weeks and so this means we could find out whether I was having a Brother or a sister.  Most of you already know this as I was so excited I posted it on Facebook as soon as we found out. Mummy and I had you all waiting a little while before we gave everyone the news, we had to keep you all guessing.  I am getting a little Sister!! I am so excited because we will be able to share clothes and toys and have lots of girly fun. It also means I won’t have any boys things in my room!

On Friday it was Mummy’s 30th birthday! I went to my friend Reece’s house for my very first sleep over. We played loads and had lots of fun, I was such a good girl going to bed and at one point I jumped into bed with Reece, her mummy and daddy – lucky they have a very big bed! It was Reece’s dad’s birthday on Saturday so Reece came to stay with us. I really like having my friends over to stay. Reece is 9 months older than me, but we get along really well. Sometimes there is a little bit of a language barrier as she speaks really well and I am still learning, but otherwise we just play with our dolls and chase each other around.

The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet. Poor daddy had to work all the way up to Christmas.  So it meant we had to go find fun things to do with Omi and Poppy with out him, so we took a boat ride to Greenwich on Sunday. It was the first time I had been on a river boat on the Thames. Poppy wanted to see the Cutty Sark which was the last surviving tea clipper and the fastest and greatest of her time.  Poppy loves his boats and I can’t wait to visit them in Australia next year so he can take me on his big boat.  I have already been on it but I was so small I can’t really remember. I wasn’t that interested in this particular big boat so Omi and I had our own little adventure whilst Mummy and Poppy spent a long time looking at everything.  We looked at the vintage markets and Omi even treated me to McDonalds, yum I love chips!!

The countdown to Christmas was getting closer and closer. Mummy treated me to an Advent calendar this year which was my first experience of chocolate, and I must take after my mummy because I loved it! I would wake up every morning and remind mummy to do my Gruffalo Advent calendar yelling out to her ‘CHOCOLATE!’ unfortunately I always had to have my breakfast first and there was always an underlying challenge before I was rewarded my calendar which wasn’t really fair as I saw mummy tucking into her advent calendar when ever she felt like it – I never gave her challenge like doing a wee wee on the toilet before she could open another window.

Monday we visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde park.  It gets bigger and bigger every year. This year I was big enough to go on the rides and eat some of the yummy Bavarian food. I even had a little dance on stage to some German Music. Mummy took me on a rollercoaster, a mirror maze which I am not sure if I loved it or hated it, parts were fun but there was a lot of bumping my head in windows that I didn’t realise were there. I also went on a tea cup ride with Omi and a huge slippery slide. It really was a winter wonderland! Unfortunately this year we didn’t line up to sit on Santa’s knee as it was a long wait!

On Tuesday to Thursday we took a little road trip with a hire car (Mummy never got her dream present for her birthday – new car). We drove up to York to visit some friends of Omi and Poppy.  They were really lovely and I fell in love with them all and charmed the pants off them.  One couple Raf and Dougin had two little dogs.  I love dogs and can’t wait till the day daddy buys me my own little puppy.  So I was very chuffed when these two little dogs came running through the door, at first I was a little nervous and I haven’t been able to play with many dogs here in London but once I got to know them and vice versa it didn’t take me long to start chasing them, trying to pull their tale.

The weather wasn’t too bad the first couple of days that Omi and Poppy arrived but then it took an English turn for the worst and we haven’t seen the sun for days. Mummy always tells Omi and Poppy that we have lovely weather here, but I am not sure they believe her as every time they have visited they get rain and cloudy grey days.

I have been a little behind in my blogging as I am having so much fun with Omi and Poppy. Omi gets down on the ground and plays with me, eats at my small table and lets me play on her ipad loads. Poppy takes me for walks to hunt down some puddles right after it rains, and gives me horsey rides. I am not one for playing favourites but I must admit I am playing hard to get with my poppy.

Stay tuned as it’s actually already past Christmas so I need to tell you all about my favourite day of the year – was I a good girl?? Did Santa come and visit?

H x



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  1. Wow looks like you have been very busy at having lots of fun with your Omi and Poppy, must be very cold over there coz everyone is so rugged up you look very cute in the little outfits mummy puts you in, I love the matching rain coat and wellies you had on in one pic, Winter Wonderland looked lovely, you must be such a big girl to have a go in the little catapult and been very brave I think I would have been a little scared, Nanny can’t wait till see your new baby sister when she arrives you must be so excited Harlow at getting a little playmate, Im glad you liked your Xmas presents from me it was nice seeing you unwrap them on Skype I wished I was there, anyway my darling, give mummy and daddy a big kiss and a hug from Nanny Mindy and they can do the same to you from me, love and miss you lots n lots xxxxxooooo

  2. oh,Harlo you have done it again. We Just love your latest adventures, you are a busy little girl at the moment. How wonderful you have Omi & Poppy with you & we cant’t wait to hear all about your next adventures with them. Give mummy, omi & Poppy a big big hug from us,
    .we look forward to the day when we meet you & give you a big hug too,
    Love & hugs from
    Dianne & Gary

  3. hi Harlow what a great time you are having with Omi and Poppy it brings back lots of lovely memories of G Dad and I time with you all, what a happy little girl you are love to you all Nan G Dadxxxooo

  4. Hi Harlow, It sounds like you are having so much fun, I am glad you are having such a great time with Omi & Poppy they have missed you all such alot. You are very lucky to have so many special visitors this year. We are very excited about your mummy having another Baby girl, Brianna and Ava said girls are the best (no offence to the boys). We look forward to hearing about your Christmas in your next blog. Love from Aunty Mel

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