Harlow’s best bits 2012


Here is what you have all been waiting for…… previously unseen photo’s and video’s of my antics over 2012.

Get the tea on because you’ll have plenty of time to drink it, it’s hard to put a whole years worth of fun in one small video.



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  1. Another fantastic video ,great job Michelle and the star of the show is Harlow ,some great video s love the gangnam style dancing

  2. Oh Michelle, that was so lovely you did an amazing video, you are so clever, made me cry, I miss you guys so much xxxooo

  3. Hi Michelle what a great job, it was lovely to see all pics of Harlow and you and Alan G Dad and I look forward so much to seeing all your blogs love Nan GDad xxx

  4. Hi Harlow-London, your escapades never cease to amaze me you’re a very busy Fairy I see but you also had time to try on your new ski boots. What a picture! What a wonderful time you had with Poppy and Omi, very beautiful pictures.

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