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Easter in the Country


I know Easter was some few weeks ago and I should have had this post well and truly, done.  However once again my mummy’s busy life has got in the way of my blogging and keeping you all up to date on my adventures.  At the moment she has been working on a theatre production ‘The Duke in Darkness’ showing at the local theatre – The Tabard. It has been taking up all her time but as busy as she is, I think she is enjoying all the work.

Mummy had also been planning Easter for a few weeks with the help of our friend Rae.  We all decided to have a weekend in the country with a group of friends, but I was the only little one.  We left on Friday after mummy finished a work meeting. We had a boys car (daddy’s van) and the girls car (mummy’s car), I don’t think I need to spell out which car was more fun! I slept most of the way to the New Forest, Hampshire.  We had rented out a cottage and had planned a country weekend of long walks, market shopping, Easter eggs, bike riding and good food. I had so much fun all weekend with Rae, Sonders, Adriel and Fish.  This house was really big and had a lovely yard, unfortunately though the weather was not kind to us and so I didn’t get to play outside all that much – it was freezing!

I have to admit that the first couple of days were a little blur, fun as they were I had one very special day in mind – Easter Sunday.  I had made a deal with Mummy that I will give the Easter bunny my dummy (which I used to use at night) along with a carrot and some water and in return the Easter Bunny will leave me lot of chocolate Easter Eggs.  This will be the first time I have Easter eggs but not the first time I have had chocolate. Although its a rare treat I really do love chocolate!

When I woke up on Sunday what mummy told me was true – gone was my dummy and in its place was a lovely pink Peppa Pig egg and lots of little Easter eggs hidden in and around the garden.  Thank fully the sun decided to come out and so we all had a yummy breakfast together outside then I got to look for my eggs in the warm (still very cold) sunshine. Sonders and Daddy helped me find  all the eggs, and when I finished my big basket was overloaded. I couldn’t wait to tuck into them – however I think mummy had other ideas as that basket quickly disappeared and I don’t remember eating them all.

Later in the day we hired bikes and went for a cycle, I sat in this little buggy that was being towed along by daddy’s bike.  It was lots of fun and I hope daddy buys one for me in London. It as very relaxing with daddy doing all the hard work, so it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. Mummy did well too, at the moment she is sporting a rather large round belly but that didn’t stop her riding up the hills and keeping up with everyone.

In the New Forest the coolest part is that there are wild horses that roam around all the villages. They are really cool, they just wander around, no one owns them and they don’t obey by any rules, if they want to sit in the middle of the road all day then they will, you just have to drive/walk/cycle round them.

It was really nice to have daddy with us for 4 days straight, usually I only get him one day a week for the full day. He showered me with lots of attention – as did Fish, Rae, Adriel, Sonders and Mona who joined us on Saturday night. I totally lapped up all the attention from everyone all weekend.  On Monday when we had to pack up and go home, we decided to take a detour past Stone Henge.  Although we have been before the others in our group hadn’t so it was something new for them to see.  Mummy, Daddy and I stayed in the car though as it was so windy and freezing,  I think it snowed at times over the weekend. Any hoo here are a few pics from our Easter Weekend.




Nursery days


Mummy has been so busy with work lately and now that I am two, mummy ad daddy decided it was time to send me to nursery.

Last week I had a few introductory days and had so much fun. I have been waiting so long to start as mummy had to clear it all with work and change her hours but its all sorted now.

Today is my first full day! I couldn’t wait to start. As soon as I got in there I went straight for the paints!

I will be here all day so I wonder what mummy will get up to, it must be quiet at home, I hope she isn’t lonely with out me.

H x