Trip to see the animals


Last weekend it was a beautiful day and mummy and I did not know what to do. We wanted to do something fun, so when my friend Zahra and her mummy called us to invite us to the Zoo we jumped at the chance.  I have not been to the Zoo before but mummy had told me all about it and I really like animals.  I have been watching Madagascar so I knew all about the Zoo and what animals live there. I couldn’t wait to see the Lions, Tigers, Zebra’s and Elephants.

We went to Whipsnade Zoo which is north of London in Bedfordshire. It takes about 40mins to drive.  It’s a really big Zoo with all sorts of different animals from around the world. The grounds are really big and they don’t have big fences that look like prison gates, it’s all very natural and spacious.  My favourites were the Giraffes, Wolves and Sea Lions. Mummy has been reading me the Three little pigs story book and so I was really excited to see the big Wolf – he huffs and puffs!!


After seeing some animals we went to the playground and had a little play before it was home time. I didn’t want to go home but mummy insisted and dragged me all the way back to the car. I am really good at throwing tantrums now.

It was a really nice outing with mummy and my little sister and some of my friends.

H x


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