June Days


Mummy says this is the first time ever that Summer has arrived on time in England. First day of June and it was sunny, in fact the whole week has been sunny and nice. When it’s warm in England you make the most of it and go outside.

So that is what we did, mummy took me out an about all week.

My favourite day this week was when we went to the paddling pool in Dukes Meadow. There are lots of different parks around Chiswick and this is one of my favourites as we don’t visit it all the time. Mummy bought some sandwiches and fruit so we could have a picnic. She smothered me in Sun cream and then I was let loose in the paddling pool. Ophelia is too little to join me and I am now big enough to go in on my own and play around with all the other kids. It was great to be outside enjoying the sunshine and kicking about in the water.

H x


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  1. Well Harlow it does look like warm sunny weather, it was good mummy got to take you out to all the parks and especially the one with the big kiddies pool, you had a wonderful time and little Ophelia must have been a very good baby as the pics shows she was mostly asleep, you are getting so grown up next thing you know you will be off to big school, well I hope the lovely weather stays around a lot longer for you to have more fun outside, love and miss you lots my little Princess, Nanny Mindy xxxxoooo

  2. Hi Harlow what a lovely day out you had with Mummy and Ophelia looks like you were having lots fun in pool, let’s hope you get lots more sunny days so you can play in sun. Lots love to you and Ophelia GNan G Dadxxxx

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