Who is the Fairest of them all


I love summer! I get to wear all my summer dresses and new outfits and there is always something going on in the parks.  The other weekend we had the Bedford park festival, a small fair set up on the green in Turnham Green. There were a few rides and different stalls which I was very eager to explore. First stop was the jumping castle dome, then the cars and finally I had a shot at winning a prize by shooting a ball into the goal. Luckily I had lots of practise lately using Ophelia’s farm playmat.

Mummy has also found a new way to entertain me at home, she builds me my own little cubby house under the dining table. I think it’s great as it’s my own little special place in the house. I read my books and play with my favourite dolly ‘People’.

H x


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  1. Oh wow Harlow that’s so much fun your having.. I wish I was there too, you have some pretty summer clothes too, I like your cubby house your own special little hidey hole, I wish I could hear you giggling after going down the slide but never mind Nanny had a giggle herself, can you give mummy daddy and baby Ophelia a big kiss and hugs for me, love lots my little princess xxxxoooo

  2. hi Harlow G Dad and I loved all pics of you all having a fun day out, we really had to smile when you and Mummy were on the slide, I think Mummy was having as much fun as you , and it was lovely to see you in your pretty summer clothes. GDad has just received your Lovely card, and paintings they really made him smile he loved them very much, G Dad is doing really well now, thank you.lots of love kisses Miss you all very much,GNan GDadxxxxxxx

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