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Good things comes for those that wait


For the last month Mummy made up a ‘Good Girl Chart’.  She had to do this as I like to stay up late. The sun doesn’t go to bed until 10pm so I don’t understand why I have to go to sleep at 7pm.  So when mummy puts me to bed at 7pm I tend to play up a little bit. I use the old ‘I need a wee wee’ line and I find any toy in the room and play with it (infact it doesn’t have to be a toy, it can be a sock drawer or anything I can find). So the idea of this chart was that everytime I went straight to sleep after my milk and a story I would get a sticker in the morning. Once I received 10 stickers mummy and daddy were going to reward me with something I had been asking for, for a long time – a scooter.

On Wednesday morning we finally went scooter shopping. I was soooooo happy!! Mummy took me out for a scooting session in the afternoon and I had so much fun.  There are a few steering issues I need to address but otherwise I got the hang of it.

H x

Can this be my next reward?

Can this be my next reward?


Row Row Row your boat