Row Row Row your boat


Sunday was a lovely afternoon to catch up with Chris and Robyn.  Chris has family living in Slough which is just outside of London so we decided to go for a change of scenery and meet them in Eton. I have been to Windsor before and Eton is right opposite Windsor on the other side of the river. So we parked the car in Eton and met them in a lovely Hotel Garden on the Windsor side.  It was such a beautiful day, so mummy and daddy enjoyed a few cold ‘bevvies’ and I ran around the garden entertaining all the other patrons. At one point I got a little bored so Chris took me for a walk along the river to look at all the ducks and white swans.

Whilst we had been in the Garden we noticed all these small motor boats go past, they looked like the sort of boat you could hire.  This gave us all a great idea and we went in search for a place to hire a little boat. It didn’t take us long to find and in no time we were cruising along the Thames at a sensible pace. It was so much fun until we hit some waves from the other boats and we got a little Thames splashback – Yuck!!! The Thames is not the clearest and cleanest of rivers, not ideal for a facial.

H x


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