Beach Boys


I have had a busy week this week. It started with the weekend. Last Saturday I was invited to a little paddling pool party at William’s house.  We have had a bit of a heatwave here in London so it was a great opportunity to get out the paddling pools and fire up the Barbie. It was nice to catch up with William and Zahra.

On Sunday I went to an outdoor performance of Babe.  A friend of Rae Rae’s was performing in it, so we all went to support her – I was the token child for the group. It was a really nice day, perfect weather and we a delicious picnic in Bishops Park near Fulham.  The show was really cool, with all the different animals that could talk. I didn’t know animals could talk and crack some funny jokes.

On Tuesday we had such  a cool day. The three of us went to West wittering beach to meet Mummy’s Aussie friend Bec and her three boys. It was another beautiful hot day we couldn’t ask for better weather. I loved chasing the waves and jumping over them. The boys showed me how to build sandcastles and bury our legs in the sand. It was so much fun.

But the exciting week had not stopped there…. that weekend Mummy and Daddy took us girls to see ‘In the night garden’. It was amazing and funny. I love those characters and the songs they sing. I was standing up on my seat dancing to the Upsy daisy song. I think mummy got it on video but we might keep that for another day. Afterwards I got to go backstage and meet my favourite character – Upsy Daisy. At first I was a little scared, she is a lot bigger than I thought she was. But she gave me a big cuddle and kiss and then I wasn’t scared any more. Have you ever been lucky enough to meet someone famous back stage?

H x


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  1. Just lovely photos of you all having fun in sun, Harlow and Ophelia look so adorable it’s good to see You are having such good weather there at moment Love GNanxxxx

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