It’s just like riding a bike


I am growing up so fast mummy and daddy can’t believe their eyes! We went out for a Sunday stroll and I was desperate to take my bike out for a spin as it’s been collecting dust these days.  Now I can reach the proper pedals and tried to figure out what to do with them. With this special bike daddy can push it and the pedals move but don’t control the wheel or you can lock the pedals in and then I need to push them myself to get the bike rolling. So daddy thought he would lock them in and try to teach me how to ride the bike on my own for the first time. Here is a sneak preview of how I went.

H x


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  1. Well hello my gorgeous girl aren’t you so clever learning to ride your trike, you nearly got it at the end of this video, keep practising coz practising makes perfect, I also noticed it s getting cooler over there, it looks a lovely park where you, daddy, mummy and Ophelia were at, love and miss you lots and lots Darlin xxxooo

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