Butterfly World


On Tuesday Ellia and I went to Butterfly world with our Mummy’s. It was a beautiful warm day so first we played outside on the slides. Then at 11am there was a ‘meet the insects’ show. I touched all sorts of strange insects including a giant cockroach. I was super brave and held a giant snail, he looked friendly enough but I was very surprised how slimy he was – It was a bit gross! (you might be able to see my reaction in the photo’s)

I have been reading the ‘very hungry caterpillar’ a lot lately so I know all about butterflies, but for some reason when I was in the butterfly house I wasn’t that interested. In fact I was a little scared that they would land on my nose. Ellia was very brave, she had one land on her finger and she was walking around whilst the butterfly just stayed on her finger the whole time. One landed on mummy a few times and Ophelia had a toy butterfly to play with on her buggy so she wasn’t interested in the real ones.

There was a giant Ant on top of a hill so Ellia and I played with him for a while, trying to climb up his legs and posing for hundreds of photo’s for mummy.

After lunch we had a ride on the Tea Cups and had a look at the ant farms. I am fascinated by ants at the moment. On our walk home from Nursery most days I stop and look at the ants on the footpath. They are so small but so strong!

H x


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  1. Wow another blog Harlow, you have been very busy keep them coming I love seeing them and your latest adventure, the Butterfly Farm would have been lovely to visit I love Butterflies but Im afraid Im not fond of Cockroaches though, you were a brave girl for touching one and also the slimy snails yuk! But then when I was a little girl I loved all kinds of bugs and insects maybe you will become a tomboy like I was.. Lol love and miss you lots Darlin Girl 💕💋💕💋💕💋💕💋💕💋💕

  2. lovely day out at Butterfly Farm I must say Harlow G Nan is not fond of slimy snails or any bugs, you were a very brave little girl.lots love GNanxxx

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