Time for another holiday.


It’s been a while since we were on holiday but I couldn’t help but post a few more pics and look back on the time we had in Sardinia. It was such a great holiday, nice warm weather and lots of swimming was a recipe for a perfect family trip. It was such a great holiday, daddy says he wants another one very soon sadly I think he might have to wait a little while longer than me.

Good news for those back in Australia, Mummy, Ophelia and I are coming back to Australia for three weeks!! I can’t wait to get on the big plane and fly all that way to see my family. It’s been such a long time away from everyone I hope you haven’t forgotten me. I can’t wait to meet a couple of new cousins and friends that I haven’t met yet. We are planning our trip for the end of January and mummy said if I am really good over the next few months I might have my birthday party at the beach on the Gold coast!! How exciting! I am already planning a pirate theme… who wants to come?

H x


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